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Memorial Day in Rolfe, Iowa

May 31, 2010

Looking west/northwest toward Rolfe. Click on the photo to see that on the shaded (east) side of the large memorial stone it says, “In Memory of the Army Nurses.”


Looking east. (Click photo to enlarge.)


During today’s service. (Click photo twice to enlarge.)

All three photos were taken of Rolfe’s Clinton-Garfield Cemetery. For information about Rolfe’s cemeteries, click here.

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Tomorrow I’ll begin posting information about Mother’s association with the Iowa State University power plant.

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Iowa State University Power Plant + Marion Gunderson = ?

May 24, 2010

Iowa State University Power Plant, viewed from the northeast, spring 2010. (Click photo to enlarge.)

What does the green shed in this photo have to do with my mother, Marion Gunderson? My intent is to fill you in over the course of the next two or three posts beginning mid- or late-this week.

The interpretation of the previous sentence is…I don’t have the next posts written yet, but barring any changes with my dad, I’ll post again later this week. For those of you who have asked, and for anyone else, my 91-year-old dad has bounced back from his fall with determination and is doing well. He’s not as “good” as before, but he’s in very good spirits and walking quite a bit.

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“Fluff” Until Things Get Settled

May 17, 2010

We adopted Sammy from a family member of one of Katie's Drake University softball teammates. (Click photo to enlarge.)

I don’t get too excited when I read other people’s happenings-of-the-day chit-chat blog posts, so I don’t expect you to, either. However, this post will need to suffice as a filler until we get my dad squared away after his fall almost two weeks ago. He didn’t fracture/break any bones but he’s not ready to live by himself yet. (He would want to disagree with that statement.) I’ll be going to and from Rolfe quite a bit as he gets stronger.

L to R: Sammy and Miss Kitty. Miss Kitty was rescued one bitterly cold winter by our veterinarian's wife. (Click photo to check out Miss Kitty's tongue-to-nose detail.)

In the meantime, here’s a fluff post of photos of Bill’s and my two cats. Miss Kitty is the black and white cat. She used one of her nine lives a year ago when she bit Bill. I keep trying to convince Bill that Miss Kitty really is a sweetheart, although her unladylike meows do sound just like Marge on the Simpsons.

I’ve got new prints to post about. I’ve also got an audio interview about Rolfe that I’ll post within the next month or so. For the next week or two my posts might be “fluff,” or…let’s just call them “smelling the roses.”

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Double Vision (Or, our tax dollars at work?)

May 15, 2010

I’m still traveling to and from Rolfe quite a bit to be with my dad while he is recovering from his spill. Within a week or two I should be back to posting more regularly. For now…the signage in these photos isn’t exactly newsworthy, but just struck me as odd and ridiculous (and a teeny bit humorous).

Looking south toward Lohrville, Iowa. The exact location is the intersection of 230th St. and Sigourney Ave., just north of what will be the extension of Highway 20. (Click photo to enlarge.)


On the other side of the highway, looking north toward Manson, Iowa. (Click photo to enlarge.)


Service Signing, L.C. and Iowa Plains Signing, Inc. are the two companies providing this "double vision" signage. (Click photo to enlarge.)

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Gifts: Crawler Tractor, Bonding, Walking

May 7, 2010

Jackson and Great-Grandpa Deane with the John Deere 40 crawler tractor. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Monday of this week was Jackson’s fourth birthday. Jackson and I had a fabulous day with Great-Grandpa Deane (my father). Grandpa Deane’s wrapped gift to Jackson was a John Deere 40 crawler tractor — $27.00. The gift of the rest of the day — priceless.

Great-Grandpa Deane and Jackson outside of Farm & Home in Pocahontas, Iowa. (Click here to enlarge.)

Jackson and I went back to Rolfe Monday evening. Late in the day on Tuesday, Grandpa Deane took a spill. Fortunately he has no broken bones, and was back to walking (albeit very gingerly) and joking yesterday. He does have a very sore rump and is receiving lots of TLC.

On Wednesday I dashed up to Rolfe to be with my dad and other family members; I arrived home today. I’ll go back next week. Needless to say, I’m a little pooped but also want to keep current with blog posts. If I don’t post often and/or thoroughly for a while, you’ll know why.

Within the next month or two I hope to post about Bill’s and my refinishing our basement using wood from the home place barn that was built in 1904.

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Picture Framing Materials: Know Your Stuff (if you don’t already) — Part III

May 3, 2010

After Part I and Part II, this is the last post for a while about mats and glass. Even for me, three posts about mats and glass is a bit much.

For a quick read of helpful facts about kinds of glass, mats and other considerations within the context of framing artwork, check out Mona Majorowicz’s “Picture Framing Materials Guide for Artwork” Squidoo lens. If you read it and find it helpful, if you’d scroll to the end of the lens and leave a comment for Mona, even if brief, it would boost the lens’ Squidoo ranking.

The following photo is of two mats and the corner of a picture. They were framed together in the ’90s, but are pulled apart in this photo to illustrate the fading effects from not using acid-free mats and not using conservation clear glass. Admittedly, the text on the photo takes some muddling through.

(Click photo to enlarge.)


Today I’m with my 4-year-old grandson celebrating his birthday. The mid-week is full. Unless I surprise myself, I’ll wait until the end of the week to post again.

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