Double Vision (Or, our tax dollars at work?)


I’m still traveling to and from Rolfe quite a bit to be with my dad while he is recovering from his spill. Within a week or two I should be back to posting more regularly. For now…the signage in these photos isn’t exactly newsworthy, but just struck me as odd and ridiculous (and a teeny bit humorous).

Looking south toward Lohrville, Iowa. The exact location is the intersection of 230th St. and Sigourney Ave., just north of what will be the extension of Highway 20. (Click photo to enlarge.)


On the other side of the highway, looking north toward Manson, Iowa. (Click photo to enlarge.)


Service Signing, L.C. and Iowa Plains Signing, Inc. are the two companies providing this "double vision" signage. (Click photo to enlarge.)

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One Response to “Double Vision (Or, our tax dollars at work?)”

  1. Peg Moore Says:

    Oh my. Silly wabbits!!!

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