Gifts: Crawler Tractor, Bonding, Walking


Jackson and Great-Grandpa Deane with the John Deere 40 crawler tractor. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Monday of this week was Jackson’s fourth birthday. Jackson and I had a fabulous day with Great-Grandpa Deane (my father). Grandpa Deane’s wrapped gift to Jackson was a John Deere 40 crawler tractor — $27.00. The gift of the rest of the day — priceless.

Great-Grandpa Deane and Jackson outside of Farm & Home in Pocahontas, Iowa. (Click here to enlarge.)

Jackson and I went back to Rolfe Monday evening. Late in the day on Tuesday, Grandpa Deane took a spill. Fortunately he has no broken bones, and was back to walking (albeit very gingerly) and joking yesterday. He does have a very sore rump and is receiving lots of TLC.

On Wednesday I dashed up to Rolfe to be with my dad and other family members; I arrived home today. I’ll go back next week. Needless to say, I’m a little pooped but also want to keep current with blog posts. If I don’t post often and/or thoroughly for a while, you’ll know why.

Within the next month or two I hope to post about Bill’s and my refinishing our basement using wood from the home place barn that was built in 1904.

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