Picture Framing Materials: Know Your Stuff (if you don’t already) — Part III


After Part I and Part II, this is the last post for a while about mats and glass. Even for me, three posts about mats and glass is a bit much.

For a quick read of helpful facts about kinds of glass, mats and other considerations within the context of framing artwork, check out Mona Majorowicz’s “Picture Framing Materials Guide for Artwork” Squidoo lens. If you read it and find it helpful, if you’d scroll to the end of the lens and leave a comment for Mona, even if brief, it would boost the lens’ Squidoo ranking.

The following photo is of two mats and the corner of a picture. They were framed together in the ’90s, but are pulled apart in this photo to illustrate the fading effects from not using acid-free mats and not using conservation clear glass. Admittedly, the text on the photo takes some muddling through.

(Click photo to enlarge.)


Today I’m with my 4-year-old grandson celebrating his birthday. The mid-week is full. Unless I surprise myself, I’ll wait until the end of the week to post again.

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One Response to “Picture Framing Materials: Know Your Stuff (if you don’t already) — Part III”

  1. Peg Moore Says:

    As you indicated, not as “juicy” of information, but still a great (and real) visual aid to communicate. Will forward this one, too, to complete the set of “framing” forwards. Thanks.

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