VIEW and ORDER PRINTS in Person or Online

Red Flower watercolor by Marion Gunderson, 1969. (Click image to enlarge.)

Marion A. Gunderson (1919-2004) painted at least 150 watercolors over the course of ~70 years. She also worked for the Rolfe Public Library for 35 years. Whether prints are purchased in person or online, the patrons of the Rolfe (Iowa) Public Library benefit from funds raised via prints of 30 of Marion’s watercolors. To date, over $5,000 from sales of prints has been donated to the library.







All images and all sizes of prints are available at this eCrater link. Select matted prints may also be purchased online by first contacting Louise Shimon. (See contact information below.)



via Louise Shimon (Marion’s youngest daughter), Perry, Iowa

All images and all sizes of prints are available via Louise. Matted small prints for standard-sized frames are also available. (See contact information below.)


at Rolfe Public Library in Rolfe, Iowa

at Wild Faces Gallery in Rolfe, Iowa

An attempt is made to have at least one print of most images (but not all sizes) at the library and at the gallery. The gallery also has a proof of every image.


Click here
for contact information, library hours, gallery hours, and my (Louise’s) availability.


Thank you for your interest,

Louise (Gunderson) Shimon — 515-465-2746

14106 Green Dr., Perry, IA 50223


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2 Responses to “VIEW and ORDER PRINTS in Person or Online”

  1. Susan McKee Says:

    Thanks for our short conversation on 11/10/2009 regarding ordering one of your mother’s prints. My grandmother was Anna Shimon Wilson and my mother is Nellie Wilson Green.
    I would like to order a medium print of #9 Depot- Rolfe @ $25.00. My address is 1423 64th Street, Windsor Heights, IA 50324. Please let me know who to write the check to and the amount of postage if needed.
    As I told you, this is for a Christmas gift, so if you want to deliver it, just let me know. Then I can show you the geneology books on the Shimon family. They had a very large family in the Pocahontas area. We can check my computer to see if I have the Shimon family entered. This is my second geneology program and I can’t remember if I put the whole family in yet.
    Thanks again.
    Susan McKee

  2. Susan McKee Says:

    I received the print of the Rolfe Depot yesterday, and am thrilled. The print is so much brighter than the photo on the website. Mom is going to be so surprised at such a beautiful print.
    Thanks again for making this possible with the speedy service.

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