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Update August 18, 2012: The URL for the online Rolfe, Iowa, newspapers is .  In a few weeks, at the Rolfe newspapers web site there will be a “Help” page that will provide tips for searching the archives. In the meantime, if you have any questions about searching, you may email your questions to me at: . Currently for the year 1969 only one newspaper file/page is showing; only half of 1968 is showing. The Advantage company is looking into why all issues/pages from 1969 and half from 1968 are not showing up in the archives at .

Update February 26, 2012: The newspapers are online! For more information, click here. There will still be some hiccups for a couple of months as far as accessing the digital files online. (New servers are being installed and there will be web site maintenance/modifications.) However, when patience is in order, the hiccups are easily endured.

Update September 8, 2011: At this post is a brand new detailed update about the progress of the Rolfe Newspapers Online project. Basically, in August the project was transferred to a different digitizing company. Around November 1, 2011, the digital files will be available to search and/or browse within the walls of the Rolfe Public Library. Beginning January 1, 2012, (or soon thereafter) the files will be online and accessible throughout the world.

Update July 18, 2011: The good news is that all or almost all of the Rolfe newspapers that are on microfilm have been uploaded to be online. They aren’t ready for the public to view yet because first there will be quality control checks to make sure that all pages are linked to the corresponding issue (as opposed to being linked to some other issue). Also, quality control will check some other aspects before everything is released to the general public. Since sometimes seeing is believing, I’m a believer because I’ve actually gone online and viewed many of the pages while they are undergoing quality control checks. Once everything has gone through the company’s own quality control, I want to do my own quality control in case I notice anything that the company missed. (After all, if you’ve ever written a complicated document, it seems like sometimes it takes about five proofreaders before it passes muster. Compare that to checking link details of about 5,000 newspaper issues.) Once all of this is completed, the papers will be yours to view online. I would estimate this timing to be mid-August, give or take a little.

UPDATE June 15, 2011: In April I updated here saying that the Rolfe newspapers were to be online by June 15th (since that is what Heritage Microfilm had told me). While I thought that it would be somewhat acceptable (in our own minds…but not telling such to Heritage Microfilm) to give a grace period of a month until July 15th, I still really wanted the June 15th good-to-go date to become a reality. After all, many of you provided donations, being told a project completion target date of February. Obviously February June 15th date have come and gone. Heritage Microfilm is telling me that its transition of changing, equipment, location etc., is just taking much longer with more glitches than anticipated. While I’m growing impatient and want to keep my timing word to all of those interested, I also realize that such things (the glitches) can happen. When I know more about the progress, I’ll post about it here. If you provided a contribution earmarked for the online newspaper project, I will email you when the papers are online. Thank you for being patient.

The oral history project endorsed by the Rolfe (Iowa) Public Library board is nearing completion.

The next fabulous project is that of digitizing 101 years of Rolfe newspapers so that they will be online and keyword-searchable.

The September 4, 1969, issue of The Rolfe Arrow on microfilm at the Pocahontas Public Library. (Click photo once and then again to enlarge.)

Currently those newspapers from 1888 to 1989* are on microfilm at the Pocahontas Public Library. For many of us who live at a distance, and even for those who live near Pocahontas, sometimes it is a little tricky to get to the Pocahontas library to look at that microfilm.

The Rolfe Public Library board recently endorsed the project of digitizing those 101 years of Rolfe newspapers. Once they are digitized, any computer with Internet access will be able to access those newspapers (unless the newspaper web site is blocked on a particular network).

Click here for an explanatory document about the project. If you cannot open the explanatory document, please contact me. (Contact information is given below.) The information is also available at the Rolfe Public Library.



The first two pages of the document are informational, including the time span and ID# for each roll of microfilm. On the third page is a form to be used for donations to the project.

If you want to print just the donation form and not the rest of the information, click here for just the donation form. Directions for donating are on the form. All donation amounts are appreciated. (For the oral history project, donations ranged from $10 to several hundred dollars.)

If you have questions, please contact me for clarity and/or more information. My (Louise Gunderson Shimon) contact information is: 515-465-2746;; 14106 Green Dr., Perry, Iowa, 50220.

You may also ask at the Rolfe Public Library; however, since I know all the ins and outs of the project, it may be that you are referred to me.

If you’d like to contribute to the project but can’t right now, please give yourself a reminder.

If you think you might like to contribute but don’t currently have time or funds to do so, please write yourself some sort of reminder note or put a twist-tie around your finger!

One important detail is that all contributions should be made to the “Rolfe Public Library Trust.” The word “Trust” is important to include.

On behalf of the Rolfe Public Library board and staff, thank you for your interest in this project.

* * * * * * * *

Questions? Comments? Or, are you thinking I left out a vital piece of information? If so, please let me know.

For information published in 1963 about Rolfe newspapers*, click here. (This file will take a little while to appear on your computer screen.)

For information compiled in 1981 about Rolfe newspapers, click here. (Once the history appears, you may click on it to magnify the text.)

*There may be a few issues missing.

**This information published in 1963 is taken from Centennial History, Rolfe, Iowa, 1863-1963.

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