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Today is to -12º F as Spring is to Bright Tulips

February 8, 2011

When I awakened this morning the thermometer read -12º F. While I know that is a heat wave for some of you, I’m staying in the house and thinking S-P-R-I-N-G!

Last April I photographed this Willis Avenue (Perry, Iowa) tulip (above). It caught my eye because it is similar to tulips in Mother’s (Marion Gunderson) Bright Tulips 1968 watercolor shown below.


The Bright Tulips original is owned by Kim Webb Toth-Tevel of California. Kim, a granddaughter of the late Jane Webb (formerly of Rolfe, Iowa, and dear friend of Mother’s), was generous to ship her painting to me so prints of it could be made.

Bright Tulips prints in three sizes* are available by contacting me directly at or by ordering online. A limited supply of Bright Tulips is available at Wild Faces Gallery (712-848-3399) in Rolfe, and the Rolfe Public Library (712-848-3143). The profits go to the Rolfe Public Library where Mother worked for thirty-five years.

*The three sizes are as follows: 10″ H x 13.3″ W (Medium $25), 13.25″ H x 17.6″ W (Standard $35…when matted, fits in standard 20″ x 24″ frame) and 16.4″ H x 22″ W (Grand $50). Larger sizes may be special ordered by contacting me or the gallery.

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