Memorial Day in Rolfe, Iowa


Looking west/northwest toward Rolfe. Click on the photo to see that on the shaded (east) side of the large memorial stone it says, “In Memory of the Army Nurses.”


Looking east. (Click photo to enlarge.)


During today’s service. (Click photo twice to enlarge.)

All three photos were taken of Rolfe’s Clinton-Garfield Cemetery. For information about Rolfe’s cemeteries, click here.

* * * * * * * *

Tomorrow I’ll begin posting information about Mother’s association with the Iowa State University power plant.

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4 Responses to “Memorial Day in Rolfe, Iowa”

  1. Peg Moore Says:

    A sacred time. And very meaningful to honor together as a community, however small. Thank you for posting these pictures, Louise.

  2. Marti Says:

    I’ve often come back to Rolfe for Memorial Day weekend and go to the cemetary for the community service on Memorial Day, which is very special. Thanks for the photos, Louise.

  3. Margaret Says:

    First of all Louise, I am saddened to read that your father has passed on from this life. Always difficult to have a parent die.
    Remembering the good times we had at “Fitness Fantasia”. Have been going to Curves the past 12 years. Easier than trying to get to an arobic class. Plus not a young as I was then!
    Sincerely, Fred & Margaret McKim

  4. Margaret Says:

    Oops! Guess the word is “aerobic”.
    My sympathy to the rest of your family also.
    Will keep watching the Ft. Dodge paper for more information about Deane’s celebration of life.

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