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To Be or Not To Be…Valentine Pink. That is the Question.

February 12, 2010

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Recently when I was taking photos of Sammy and Miss Kitty (our two cats), I noticed for the first time the discrepancy in the colors of Miss Kitty’s and Sammy’s noses. Miss Kitty has a Valentine pink nose. In contrast, Sammy has a dark colored nose.

Our veterinarian was at our dinner party a couple of weeks ago. I took the opportunity to ask him my very important question: “Why do some cats have pink noses and others have dark noses?” I anticipated an explanation of a phenomenon. However, that phenomenal explanation is simply, “It’s in the genes.”

Now, maybe all of you reading this are thinking, “Duh, Louise, the answer to that question is just common sense.” But, I do know that I wasn’t the only one at the table that night wondering the same thing!

Miss Kitty and her Valentine pink nose. (Click photo to enlarge.)


Soft-spoken Sammy. (Click photo to enlarge.)


Best buds, Sammy and Miss Kitty. (Click photo to enlarge.)


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Mouser and D.C.G.: A Match Made in . . .

February 6, 2010

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Mouser and D.C.G., fall 2009. (Please click photo to "see" the chemistry.)

I remember when Clara, my oldest sister, called me on the morning of November 30th, 2004, to tell me that Mother (Marion Gunderson) had just passed away. I immediately drove from Perry, Iowa, to Mother and Daddy’s rural Rolfe farm home that we so fondly refer to as “Gunderland.” Several family members and I were at Gunderland with Daddy for the next several days.

“Right now” I so wanted Daddy (Deane Gunderson) to have a pet. I thought a pet would help comfort him with Mother being gone…maybe even help increase Daddy’s longevity. On one of those mornings while still at the farm I was SO EXCITED because I looked out Daddy’s (and Mother’s) kitchen window and saw a dark-colored cat roaming near the garage. I was just sure this specific cat was sent by God to be a companion for Daddy.

Later that morning, I realized that God had awhile back really sent the roaming cat to the farm home of Mick and Sue Reigelsberger (neighbors 1/8 mile down the gravel road). It turned out the cat was temporarily visiting Gunderland and would soon meander back to its Reigelsberger home.

In the following year or two, every couple of months I’d make a half-joking-half-serious comment to Daddy about how fun it would be for him to have a cat. He made it known that under no uncertain terms should any of us give him a cat. It’s funny how, when I was little in the ’60s, it was ok for us to give to Grandma DeElda a parakeet, but two years ago it wasn’t ok for us to give Daddy a cat. (Although it wasn’t so funny when Grandma died and the parakeet then came to live with us at Gunderland! No one competed for the honor of cleaning Pretty, Pretty’s cage.)

However, within the last year, Mouser showed up at Gunderland. As Sue Reigelsberger indicated in her comment regarding a previous post, Mouser is a transplant from the Reigelsberger farm (although, I didn’t know that until awhile after Daddy claimed Mouser as being his cat). Any cats showing up at Gunderland had been shooed away by my dad…until the day Mouser showed up. On that day it was like love at first sight for my dad. I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

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