Reflective Thought about the Reflector


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My 91-year-old dad and his cat, Mouser. Fall, 2009. (Click photo to enlarge.)

This photo is an example of where I’m thinking using a reflector (mentioned in the previous post and also two posts ago) could have been helpful. Since I haven’t yet used the 5-in-1 reflector that my next-older-sister Peggy gave to me for Christmas, it could be that I’m way off base here.  But, I’m thinking that if the reflector would have been at my dad’s (Deane Gunderson) left side in this photo there wouldn’t be so much of his good friend, Mouser, shadowed.

I know that my dad’s face is shadowed some, as well. But, with my 22″ reflector, I’ll take one little step at a time.  Who knows if using a reflector for this photo would or wouldn’t have been advantageous.  I do know that the first time I saw this photo on my computer monitor, I just loved it.  I still do.

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6 Responses to “Reflective Thought about the Reflector”

  1. Peg Says:

    I LOVE this photo!!! Captures so much!

  2. Josh Says:

    awesome photo. didn’t know GD had a cat 🙂

  3. Jeff Says:

    Great!! fantastic how the shot captures so much character.

  4. Clara Says:

    Obviously, Josh didn’t receive one of GD’s Christmas cards/photos.

  5. Sue Reigelsberger Says:

    Mouser vacated the Reigelsberger farm when we got a dog. We called him Spaz(seemed a little hyper). We were glad they adopted each other!!

  6. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    Thank you for all of your comments. I had a comment all ready to go (sort of) in response to your comment, Sue. But, then I figured my comment was so long that I’ll just include it in a post in the near (hopefully) future.

    On the day I took this photo of Daddy/Grandpa Deane, he and I had walked down toward his shop. Along our way, Mouser was sunning himself on what Grandpa Deane called the loading dock (or something like that). Mouser had been sitting next to right where Grandpa Deane is sitting in this photo. I just couldn’t resist shooting a bunch of pictures. They both were so cooperative.

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