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To Be or Not To Be…Valentine Pink. That is the Question.

February 12, 2010

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Recently when I was taking photos of Sammy and Miss Kitty (our two cats), I noticed for the first time the discrepancy in the colors of Miss Kitty’s and Sammy’s noses. Miss Kitty has a Valentine pink nose. In contrast, Sammy has a dark colored nose.

Our veterinarian was at our dinner party a couple of weeks ago. I took the opportunity to ask him my very important question: “Why do some cats have pink noses and others have dark noses?” I anticipated an explanation of a phenomenon. However, that phenomenal explanation is simply, “It’s in the genes.”

Now, maybe all of you reading this are thinking, “Duh, Louise, the answer to that question is just common sense.” But, I do know that I wasn’t the only one at the table that night wondering the same thing!

Miss Kitty and her Valentine pink nose. (Click photo to enlarge.)


Soft-spoken Sammy. (Click photo to enlarge.)


Best buds, Sammy and Miss Kitty. (Click photo to enlarge.)


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