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The Little Lady Wearing a Hat and the Red Satin Dress

June 13, 2009

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(If you haven’t previously done so, reading the post If It Weren’t for Ruth Simonson and Reigelsbergers . . . will help familiarize you with Ruth Simonson before reading this post.  Reading the posts in the category “Barr Art Association” could be helpful, as well.)

Ruth (Severson) and LeRoy Simonson on their wedding day, June 20, 1959.  (Click on photo to enlarge.  Posting permmission granted by Ruth Simonson.)

Ruth (Severson) and LeRoy Simonson on their wedding day, June 20, 1959. Ruth met the "red satin dress" lady two months later. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Ruth Simonson, from Northwood, Iowa, moved to Rolfe, Iowa, in 1959 when she married LeRoy Simonson, a Rolfe native.  In August of 1959, yet a newlywed, Ruth went with LeRoy and Roy (her father-in-law) to the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, with one of the “to-dos” for their trip being to look for a kitchen set.

While at the fairgrounds, Ruth, LeRoy and Roy sat at a table in a tent to eat a meal.  A little lady (appearing to be in perhaps her 60s or 70s)  sitting next to them asked where they were from.  When Ruth said they were from Rolfe, the lady asked, “Do you know Marion Gunderson?”  Ruth said that, no, she did not know Marion Gunderson, to which the woman retorted, more…

Do you know/remember anything about Cathrine Barr and/or the Barr Art Association?

June 8, 2009

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