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Reflectors and Photography (and Frank in video #3)

January 10, 2010

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As promised in my most recent post, here is the YouTube video link (actually three of them) explaining the use of a reflector in photography. My sister Peggy had my name for Christmas. I had a reflector on my wish-list and sent these three links to Peggy so she could better understand what I was referring to.

To watch all three videos takes a total of nine minutes. Although watching all three gives a more rounded explanation of reflectors, if you have time for only one and are looking for entertainment…..hands down, go for video #3.

VIDEO #1: This link is for a 2:36-minute video sub-titled Using Reflector in Photography. It is about bouncing light onto a subject.

VIDEO #2: This link is for a 1:31-minute video titled Outdoor Photography: Reflectors in Outdoor Photography.

VIDEO #3: Below is a 4:50-minute video titled Model Photography Lighting 101 — Reflector. It includes a demonstration of how to use (sort of) a reflector when photographing models. If you aren’t in the mood to kick back and watch a video that is off-the-wall (maybe even warped) then maybe come back to this video later. On the other hand, if you are up for educational/that-was-so-stupid entertainment…..enjoy!

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