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Oregon: Day #1 — Pine Mountain Observatory

August 9, 2009

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For background information about our Oregon trip, it would be helpful if you first read Oregon (including an off-the-itinerary story).

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Day 1 of Bill's and my July Oregon trip. "Pine Mtn 6,509" is at the end of the hot pink marker line that indicates our observatory side trip. Click photo once, and again, to enlarge.

On Friday, July 17th, Bill and I arrived in Portland around noon.  We drove southeast for approximately three hours to Bend * where we stayed one night at The Riverhouse Resort. **  ***

At dusk we drove southeast from Bend, approximately twenty miles on pavement.  Then, another eight miles on a winding dirt road out in the middle of nowhere. At two or three points, just as we would get around a curve in the road, we’d see a few cows standing in the middle of the road or on the shoulder, owning it.  We’d stop, put the windows down, talk to the cows standing next to the car, and continue driving until the next group of cows.

Around 9:00 P.M. we arrived in the dark more…

Oregon (including an off-the-itinerary story)

August 7, 2009

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During my teacher-librarian years, I frequently involved students in author studies so they would get enthused about reading more of various authors’ books.  The ultimate intent of these author studies was for students’ reading to snowball over the courses of their lives.

With younger students, immediately before I’d begin sharing a book by the author currently studied, I’d start out with, “Now…if you’ve already read or heard this story….”  The students would then, in unison, chime in, “JUST enJOY it aGAIN!”

The reason for this was two-fold.  It allowed the students to be enthused even if they already knew the story.  It also allowed me to get through the story without a student interrupting with unrelated, but often juicy, stories.  Like the little boy informing the class that he learned about his cat’s umbilical cord when the boy’s brother and girlfriend were alone on the couch!

What does this have to do with Oregon? more…

Mr. Spaulding: What Made/Makes Him Tick (Basic Background)

August 5, 2009

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To understand the background for this post, it will be helpful if you first read, “Where (and How) in the World is…..Mr. Spaulding?!!!”  [Also, at the very end of that post is a comment submitted by Mr. Spaulding today, August 5th.]

In early July the agreement Mr. Spaulding (Dave Spaulding) and I had was that I’d email to him a list of questions/topics I thought would be of interest. Questions about what made/makes him tick.  He would then bite off a few questions at a time, having the discretion to address any questions/topics he desired.

To follow up on our agreement, on July 8th I emailed to Mr. Spaulding a list of 35 questions.  The first few questions asked for very basic information.  Moving down the list, the questions became more in depth.  After he received my email, in his spunky and kind way he replied that he had received my manuscript, and proceeded with answers to the first questions.  Um…then I sent him a few more.  Which he answered, and then I sent him a few more!  (Poor guy!)

Below is how we/Mr. Spaulding started out. We plan to take our time in moving through the questions.  While you are waiting for more questions to be addressed in posts over the next weeks/months, if you have any questions you’d like to ask Mr. Spaulding, below, in the comments area, feel free to do so.

Within a few days or a week, I’ll post information again about Mr. Spaulding, most likely regarding his military service.

* * * * *

I was born in McGregor, Iowa, and went to school there until my junior year.  I moved to Monona, Iowa, and finished high school there.  After high school I enlisted in the U. S. Navy.  I served in the Navy from October 1944 to August 1946, including serving in Guam.

I went to college in Cedar Falls, Iowa, from 1947 to 1951.  At that time it was named Iowa State Teachers College.  Some years before that it was Iowa State Normal School.  Better than abnormal, I guess.

After college I taught at Calamus, Iowa, for two years.  I then moved to Bode, Iowa, and taught for the Twin Rivers School District in Bode from 1953 to 1964.

During the 1964-65 year I taught in Grand Marais, Minnesota.  My oldest son, John, was born there.

Beginning in the fall of ’65 through the spring of ’83 I taught in Rolfe, and then back to Bode again until retirement from teaching in spring of ’92.

I kept up with learning.  In the summer of ’58 I studied chemistry at the University of Alaska.  The summer of ’59 I was at Texas Tech College at Lubbock, Texas.  The summer of ’60 I went to Carleton College at Northfield, Minnesota.

Still seeking knowledge, in the summers of  ’69 and ’70 I attended the University of Washington where I studied oceanography.  Those two summers were a lot of fun!

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Next post on Wednesday evening — No Bologna (Or, maybe there is!)

August 4, 2009

I thought I’d have a new post on the blog by today, but I’ve been away from home “playing.”  I’ll have a new post up by tomorrow evening, the 5th.

I do have to say that I was with my father (Deane Gunderson) overnight and talked with him about material for this blog. more…

We’ll hear from Mr. Spaulding next week. For now…1969!

August 1, 2009

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(If you haven’t read the first post about Mr. Spaulding and would like to do so, click here.)

Mr. Spaulding will be in touch with me early- to mid-next week. At that time I’ll post about him again.  Until then, here’s a blast from the past.

Dart Dec 11 1969 light and dark levels past 1400

The "Dart" portion of the "Rolfe Arrow," December 11, 1969. * To decipher all of the text, click photo once and then again to enlarge.

More specifically, I should say a blast from 1969, which is one of the years Dave Spaulding taught most of the high school science (and some math) classes for the Rolfe Community School District.

Whether you are a Rolfe High School alum or an alum of another school district, I’ll bet the image at the left will help you reminisce about how “mature” and “higher order thinking” anyone in high school is/was, whatever the generation.  (I wonder if the drawing portrays how Mr. Spaulding felt when he presided over study halls.)

The “Dart” was the school student-written/designed portion of the local weekly Rolfe Arrow newspaper.  In high school I was in awe of the motivation, confidence and skill I assumed to be possessed by members of the “Dart” staff.

Whether you were in high school before, during or after the ’60s, enjoy!

* * * * *

This particular microfilm copy (above) was part of the December 11, 1969, issue of the Rolfe Arrow, published a month after the Rolfe grain elevator burned in “Watercolor and Fire in Rolfe, Iowa.”  (The Rolfe Arrow on microfilm is available at the Pocahontas, Iowa, Public Library.)

* Permission to post granted by the Pocahontas Record-Democrat.

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