St. Kitts — Part VIII: Plant Life


This view is from the Shiggidy Shack restaurant/fun spot on the Caribbean side of St. Kitts. We were intrigued by the cactus growing out of the top of this rocky formation. (Click on image to enlarge.)


Three weeks ago I was more excited than I am now about these St. Kitts plant life photos. Some aren’t in the best of focus, and some of the plants can be found in Iowa (at least at Reiman Gardens on the Iowa State campus!). Post them, I will.

Any identification of the plants is a result of conversations with St. Kitts guides/residents. Hopefully everything is accurate. I’m still waiting to learn from someone on Nevis (near St. Kitts) the identification of the cotton-like tree, and also the plant with prickles (or thorns) that can cut skin.

If you want to enlarge any of the photos below, click on a thumbnail. To enlarge more, click on “Permalink.” Sometimes clicking another time will enlarge even further.

I’ve got one St. Kitts post yet to go. It will include miscellaneous photos. Then onward and forward to other topics.



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4 Responses to “St. Kitts — Part VIII: Plant Life”

  1. Peg Says:

    Have only quick scrolled through the thumbnails so far. Wow! BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Jeff Moore Says:

    Nice! Thanks for posting them. Never seen an angel trumpet tree so large. I’m sure I’d be lost among all the tropical plants if I was around them – though some I recognize from the ISU greenhouses. Among my favorites are the cactus from shiggidy shack, the heliconia (nice pic!), the breadnut tree, cashews (I was eating cashews recently and wanting to see a picture of how they grew), the hibiscus, and I didn’t realize how the bottles grew!

  3. Marti Gunderson Carlson Says:

    The top photo is so beautiful – and all the different plants so interesting. My favorite is the bottle tree!

  4. Pamela Fender Says:

    Hello. I’d like to know if I may have permission to use your photo Crown of Thorns for my book cover design.
    I am currently in the publishing process.
    Thank you.
    Pamela Fender

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