St. Kitts — Part III: Lobster


This photo was taken as our taxi driver drove past this young man who was standing at the edge of the road. (Click twice on photo to enlarge.)


Freshly caught lobster was available at many St. Kitts restaurants. Bill and I enjoyed lobster at three restaurants during our St. Kitts stay: Serendipity, The Beach House, and Mr. X’s Shiggidy Shack.

All three restaurants offer beach-side dining. The Beach House is the most elegant of the three (but even so, it’s fine to wear a nice casual shirt and shorts). Serendipity is not as elegant but still very romantic (or, if not in the mood for romance, still a lovely environment where you can watch twinkly cruise ships depart in the night for the next port), and Shiggidy Shack not elegant at all but definitely a ton of fun.

From these three restaurants, the lobster was most (very) expensive at Serendipity, next most expensive at The Beach House, and least expensive at Shiggidy Shack.

Bill and I had lobster at Serendipity on Valentine’s Day when it was offered as a special entree. We neglected to ask the server the price when she recited the specials to us. It’s probably a good thing, because we are so glad we ordered it, but probably never would have given it a chance had we known the price! We each were served three lobster tails (so…a total of six tails) which made us wonder if we had mistaken the server; we wondered if it was intended to be lobster “for two.” When we asked the server, she said that, “No,” it was meant per person. We had the leftover lobster the next day when we combined it with a Caesar salad for lunch at the beach.

Lobster at Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack on the Caribbean side of St. Kitts. (Photo taken by Vicki Boeke. Click on photo to enlarge.)

For the price, the lobster was worth it at each restaurant. I liked the Serendipity lobster best. There was something about the sauce that was different and more delicious to me than regular garlic butter or any sauce I had ever had with lobster. Bill liked the lobster best at The Beach Club; the garlic butter there was pretty amazing. (Oh, and the blue cheese butter and the banana walnut butter for the rolls was…yum!) And at Shiggidy Shack, the lowest priced lobster of the three restaurants, we definitely got our money’s worth with lots of lobster and tasting better than any lobster back home. (Plus, at Shiggidy Shack, we also got g-r-e-a-t entertainment. I’ll report more about that in a future post.)

If we had it all to do over again, to which of these restaurants would I go? All three of them!

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4 Responses to “St. Kitts — Part III: Lobster”

  1. Malou Says:

    This lobster is amazing! It’s been ages since I’ve eaten them. Quite a pricey dish to have. 😉

  2. Marti Gunderson Carlson Says:

    Wow, huge lobster. My mouth is watering!

  3. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    Malou and Marti, thanks for your comments. The lobster WAS pretty amazing, both in this photo and to my taste buds! The only pricing for the lobster (that we ate, anyway) that gave us sticker shock was at Serendipity. If I had it to do over again, I’d order it again because it was so good, and lasted for an extra meal for each of us. But, yes, a pricy dish to have!

  4. Cory Says:

    Appreciate your bblog post

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