Rolfe, Iowa, Basketball: It All Started in Junior High (1969-70)


Today is the last post to include photos of Rolfe, Iowa, junior high basketball teams. I’ve posted five sets of junior high team photos (i.e., from five different years) so you can visualize from their junior high years the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and lone senior on our 1971 Rolfe state tournament team.

The teams pictured below were coached by Dick Barrett*. This is a change from the three previous years when both teams were coached by Lyle Foster.

Another change between the 1968-69 and 1969-70 years is that the students below attended classes in Rolfe. In the previously posted junior high photos, the students attended junior high classes at the Des Moines Township building in the country. The last junior high class to graduate from D.M.T. was the eighth-grade class of ’69 (my class). Beginning in the fall of ’69 until the spring of ’71, D.M.T. was an attendance center for 4th through 6th grades. After that, D.M.T. was no longer a school attendance center.

The photos below appear to have been taken in the Rolfe school (now known as the RAM Event Center and where the community celebration will take place on April 16th). The photos of the junior high teams in previous posts were taken in the D.M.T. gym.

Pictured is the 1969-70 Rolfe boys' junior high basketball team. Front row L to R: Billy Spencer, Larry Nelson, Albert Sroufe, Jeff Ives, Dennis Perkins, Larry Pedersen, Matthew Eccles. Second row: Ricky Johnson, John Witt, Greg Sinek, Ray Schoon, August Brinkman, Randel Martin, Chris Pedersen, Pat Shimon. Back row: Doug Hilton, Jim Hilton, Daniel Seward, Coach Dick Barrett, John Beckord, Daniel Deling, Randy Thoren.** (Click on image to enlarge.)


Pictured is the 1969-70 Rolfe girls' junior high basketball team. Front row L to R: Karen Zeman, Rhonda Johnson, Jeanell Winkleblack+, Julie Behrendsen^, Lynn Stewart, Paulelda Harrold^, Julie Brinkman+, Ruth Fangman, Hope Howard, Marilyn Whitmore. Back row: Coach Dick Barrett, Virginia Ripperger, Nancy Rude, Becky Smith^, Lynn Neugent+, Joanne Turley^, Connie Henderson^, Geri Smith, Debbie Guerttman, Terri Hartmann.** (Click on image to enlarge.)


Later today or tomorrow I’ll post a little bit about the 1969-70 Rolfe girls’ high school team. In my opinion, the inertia on the road to State began toward the end of that 1969-70 season.

Also, within the next three or four days, I’ll post a little bit of Rolfe girls’ basketball video from 1970-71.

* * * * * * * *

+Designates member of the 1970-71 Rolfe girls’ state tournament basketball team.

^Designates member of the 1970-71 Rolfe high school girls’ JV basketball team.

*Dick is now at Estherville-Lincoln Central and is in his 41st year of coaching. He and his wife, Shirley, will be attending the April 16th celebration in Rolfe.

**The spelling of students’ names is according to the spelling in the 1969-70 Rolfe RAM yearbook.

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