Chicago Cubs…..PLAY BALL!!!!! (No foolin’!)


For some odd reason I thought the Chicago Cubs‘ opening day was April 12th. I guess I was fooled! Today the Cubs open at home…Wrigley Field…against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The article* below is about the Cubs and my mother’s Aunt Marion who was born in 1893. (Yes, they both were named “Marion.”) My Great-Aunt Marion tells of her relationship with William Wrigley Jr. If you click on the image below, the text will be magnified. Or, if you don’t want to tilt your head to read part of the article, you may read the pdf file. It has all of the text in horizontal rows.



Road trip anyone? As of 9:08 this morning, there were 1,295 tickets left for today’s game.

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(Click here to go to Louise Gunderson Shimon’s blog’s home page.) *This Sunday, October 8, 1989, article is posted with permission of The Messenger, Fort Dodge, Iowa.


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3 Responses to “Chicago Cubs…..PLAY BALL!!!!! (No foolin’!)”

  1. Katie Says:

    Go Cubs Go!

  2. Clara Hoover Says:

    I believe that shortly after Aunt Marion moved to the Rolfe Care Center, Daddy arranged for Larry Biittner, who was visiting his family in Pocahontas, to stop by and chat with Aunt Marion. Larry grew up in Pocahontas and was a professional baseball player. He played for several teams, including the Cubs in 1976-1980, so Aunt Marion would have known who he was. Needless to say, Larry’s visit with her was a highlight, and she talked about it for quite a while.

  3. Marti Gunderson Carlson Says:

    Louise, I love this post and the article. I remember being with her in the nursing home, listening to a Cubs game on the radio. She would light up, knowing the game was about to start. Aunt Marion exemplifies the ultimate in someone passionate about the great American pastime.

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