Rolfe, Iowa, Basketball: It All Started in Junior High (1968-69)


The 1968-69 school year was my 8th-grade year. For a few years, including 1968-69, Rolfe’s 6th-, 7th- and 8th-grade attendance center was the DMT (Des Moines Township) building about five miles northeast of Rolfe. (For any of you who aren’t familiar with rural Iowa, five miles NE of Rolfe does not mean DMT was located in suburbia. We were out in the country. We had the world to ourselves!)

Lyle Foster was the coach for the girls’ team and the boys’ team. I’m not sure if it will be be before or after our April 16th celebration, but in a subsequent post, I’ll include a little more about DMT and also a little about Coach Foster.

The students pictured below were freshmen and sophomores when the Rolfe girls’ 1970-71 high school basketball team qualified for the state tournament in 1971.

Pictured is the 1968-69 Rolfe boys' junior high basketball team. Front row L to R: Curt Pederson, Pat Shimon, Doug Christensen, Gus Brinkman, Ronnie Sandvig, Greg Sinek, Jim Wolverton, Mike Shimon, David Peters. Back row: Coach Lyle Foster, manager Joe Shimon, Gaius Ives, John Beckord, Larry Bennett, David Spencer, Neil Kuhlman, Marvin Allen, Bill Winkleblack, managers Todd Kipfer and Doug Hilton. (Click on photo to enlarge.)


Pictured is the 1968-69 Rolfe girls' junior high basketball team. Front row L to R: Julie Brinkman+, Jean Brinkman+, Becky Smith^, Lynn Robinson+, Barb Dewey, Michele Pomerenke+, Paulelda Harrold^, Jeanell Winkleblack+, Karen Zeman. Back row: Manager Ruth Fangman, Mary Martin=, Louise Gunderson+, Lynn Neugent+, Coach Lyle Foster, Linda Pedersen+, Connie Henderson^, Kim Bennett, manager Jane Shimon. (Click on photo to enlarge.)


+Designates member of the 1970-71 Rolfe girls’ state tournament basketball team.

=Designates manager of the 1970-71 Rolfe girls’ state tournament basketball team.

^Designates member of the 1970-71 Rolfe high school girls’ JV basketball team.

All of the players designated with a + or ^ were on Rolfe’s 1971-72 varsity girls’ BB team. Also, Mary Martin was a manager for that 1971-72 team. The 1971-72 team finished with a 24-2 record. No trip to State that year, but the atmosphere all season long was positively charged!

* * * * * * * *

I’m working on my April 16th-related to-do list. I should have another basketball-related post by Friday or before…Saturday at the latest.

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