A Pivotal Year for Rolfe, Iowa, Girls’ Basketball: 1969-1970


The photos below are from the Rolfe High School 1970 RAM yearbook. 1970 was one year before the Rolfe girls’ basketball team played in the state tournament. As shown below, in 1969-70 Rolfe had a less-than-500 record. I’m not sure, but I think that might have been the case for every Rolfe girls’ basketball team since Rolfe girls’ basketball was reinstated in 1959-60.

I’ve always thought that a pivotal point for Rolfe girls’ basketball was when Rolfe beat Rockwell City in the 1970 Sectionals. That was when I was a freshman and on the JV team. It was Al Van Houten’s and Dennis Duerling’s first year coaching girls’ basketball at Rolfe.

There was a lone freshman on that 1969-70 varsity team: Michele Pomerenke. I remember sitting in the front row of the bleachers on the northwest side of the Rolfe gym during that Rolfe vs Rockwell City game. We fellow freshmen were so excited when Michele was substituted into the game, played in such a feisty manner and was part of that memorable victory.


Pictured is the Rolfe High School 1969-70 Rolfe girls' basketball team. Front row L to R: Linda Lopour (Jr), Deb Lanning (Sr), Coach Al Van Houten+, Assistant Coach Dennis Duerling+, Cheryl Rickard^ (Jr). Back row: Jill Brinkman^ (Jr), Connie Seward (So), Janis Ferguson (Sr), Joyce Baade+ (So), Carol Wiegert+ (So), Zodine Graverson (Sr), Diane Bierstedt (Sr), Karen Brinkman+ (So), Cynthia Lanning (So), Jann Brinkman (So), Michele Pomerenke+ (Fr). Not pictured: Laurie Brinkman+ (Jr). (Click on image to enlarge.)


Pictured in the foreground in the dark uniform is Joyce Baade. In the background is Janis Ferguson. (Click on image to enlarge.)



Pictured is the 1969-70 Rolfe girls' junior varsity basketball team. Front row L to R: Nancy Miller (Fr), Jill Brinkman= (Jr), Barb Spencer (So), Jann Brinkman (So), Lynn Robinson+ (Fr), Michele Pomerenke+ (Fr), Jean Brinkman+ (Fr). Back row: Mrs. Duerling (chaperone), Cynthia Lanning (So), Connie Seward (So), Louise Gunderson+ (Fr), Coach Duerling+, Ardis Allen (Fr), Linda Pedersen+ (Fr), Carol Wiegert (So)+, Mary Martin= (Fr). (Click on photo to enlarge.)


+Designates player or coach from the 1970-71 Rolfe girls’ state tournament basketball team.

=Designates manager of the 1970-71 Rolfe girls’ state tournament basketball team.

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