About Rolfe, Iowa, in 1976: “Smile (click) — the future awaits” (Part IV of IV)


This 1976 Des Moines Register column by Chuck Offenburger describes the 37-years-ago Rolfe, Iowa, take-a-picture-of-(almost)-every-Rolfe-resident project. Obviously I’m extra fond of the project since my mom was the “Marion the Librarian” quoted in the article. ( Click on the article to enlarge it/the text.)


This post is similar to the Part II and III posts. This post includes even more clippings from around the country.

Clippings about what? About Rolfe’s 1976 photograph-everybody-in-town project. (Who woulda thunk the Christian Science Monitor would have picked up the story?!)

Bittersweet is the adjective here. Bitter (or wistfully reminiscent): so many of those 1976 Rolfe residents have since passed away. Sweet: the photos are at the library and help us refresh our memories and honor those 1976 residents of Rolfe.

If you haven’t looked at Part I, Part II and Part III, I hope you will. Part I tells about the overall 1976 project. Part II, and Part III (as well as this post) include clippings and notes from around the country about the 1976 project. News of the project spread like wildfire across the United States once the Associated Press picked up the story.

* * * * * * * *

To Read these FUN Clippings …

1) Click on any thumbnail below [or in Part II and Part III] to enlarge it and to see the images in slide show view.

2) To enlarge further, once in slide show view, click on “View Full Size” at the lower right of your screen. (If nothing happens when you click on “View Full Size,” you might need to scroll down a little on your monitor so that “View Full Size” is two or three inches above the bottom of your monitor.)

3) To enlarge even more, hover the mouse over the image to see a “+” sign. When you see that plus sign, click on the image and it will magnify even further.



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2 Responses to “About Rolfe, Iowa, in 1976: “Smile (click) — the future awaits” (Part IV of IV)”

  1. cghoover Says:

    Thanks for posting instructions on how to make the images larger. I’m glad to be able to read the newspaper articles and notes.

  2. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    Thank you, Clara. I stumbled across the clippings at the Rolfe Public Library not long ago. I don’t know if I ever even knew they existed. There’s so much of my own stuff that I throw away thinking I’ll never need/want it. I’m certainly glad these people 1) sent the clippings to Mother and/or the library and 2) that there was foresight to compile the clippings and preserve them.

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