About Rolfe, Iowa, in 1976: “Smile (click) — the future awaits” (Part II)


In the January 30 post I included an explanation about the Rolfe Public Library’s 1976 project where over 1,000 photos were taken of Rolfe-area residents. That project was featured in a  1976 Des Moines Register column by Chuck Offenburger. The AP wire picked up Chuck’s article. The result was … drum roll … national recognition for the little town of Rolfe’s photo project.

Those articles, clippings and notes from around the United States are below and in the next two posts. They are so FUN to read!

To Read the Those Clippings …

Click on any thumbnail below to enlarge it and to see the images in slide show view.

To enlarge further, once in slide show view, click on “View Full Size” at the lower right of your screen. (If nothing happens when you click on “View Full Size,” you might need to scroll down a little on your monitor so that “View Full Size” is two or three inches above the bottom of your monitor.)

To enlarge even more, hover the mouse over the image to see a “+” sign. When you see that plus sign, click on the image and it will magnify even further.


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