July 2013 Rolfe Alumni Reunion and Rolfe Sesquicentennial: Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful


Before I post more regarding the 1976 Des Moines Register article about Rolfe that received national attention, here is information regarding the:

July 13, 2013, Rolfe Alumni Reunion (www.rolfealumnireunion.com) and the

July 12-14, 2013, Rolfe, Iowa, sesquicentennial.


Today my oldest sister Clara posted on Facebook the following two entries.


The flyer to which she refers may be downloaded here.


* * * * *

This next screen shot tells about the web site for the alumni reunion. Not only does the site present info about the reunion, it also includes dozens of links to information, photos and videos regarding this July’s sesquicentennial events, fundraisers (from which most anyone associated with Rolfe can benefit), and the town of Rolfe in general.




I will be tending to the Barr Art Exhibit on early Saturday of the weekend. But … I want to be EVERYWHERE! It all sounds so much fun and interesting. Not just for people who have been around the block a few times, but literally for kids of all ages. Starting the Saturday with the 5K walk/run sounds sweet!

I am especially looking forward to the Cemetery Walk taking place at noon on Sunday, July 14. The one-room school program at Streit Memorial Park on Sunday is also important to me; my dad attended that school (the one now at the park) in the 1920s when it was still in the country.

Saturday night’s rodeo sounds like an action-packed evening with something for everyone, even for someone like me who doesn’t wear boots and hasn’t been to a rodeo in decades.

On a side note about the rodeo, apparently the lights at the rodeo (formerly the football field) currently are not functional. The rodeo group’s fundraiser this year focuses on the lights, once again, becoming functional. Details are at the FAQ page of the reunion web site.

Mention of those lights makes me think of crisp fall evenings. The cadence of the RHS marching band before the game and at half time. Someone from the crowd hollering, “Put Lumpy back in!” And, Harold Calligan announcing the game.

Two other fundraisers* especially near and dear to me are:

1) tax-deductible contributions to help keep the RAMS Event Center (what remains of the school) a viable community facility and

2) helping the VFW women raise funds for replacing worn flags at the cemetery. Both of these causes are addressed at the reunion web site.

I digress.


* * * * * 

A little bit about the Rolfe Community School Facebook group is here in this next screen shot. As of today, the group has 112 members.




* * * * * * * * 

*Of course, having prints of Mother’s watercolors available to help raise funds for the library is also very near and dear to my heart.

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