Dog and Dog’s Best Friend


Date: July 4, 2012

Location: Browns Bay, West Lake Okoboji, Iowa

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4 Responses to “Dog and Dog’s Best Friend”

  1. Jeff Moore Says:

    Looks like a nice day with the dog!

  2. cghoover Says:

    I wonder if the dog has a license.

  3. Peg Says:

    Awwwww! Love it for the dog! 🙂 Wind in the face and fur! Better even than head out the window of a truck! 🙂

  4. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    Jeff, Clara and Peg, thank you for your comments.

    Peggy, you make me feel like I’m experiencing the glee that the dog must have felt!

    Clara — Funny! The dog does kind of look like it is driving!

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