Good Morning — July 4, 2012


July 4, 2012, Sunrise — West Lake Okoboji, Iowa. (Click on image once or twice to enlarge.)


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7 Responses to “Good Morning — July 4, 2012”

  1. cghoover Says:

    Very nice. The flag and the photo composition.

  2. Peg Says:

    LOVE! Just beautiful. Photographically and symbolically. Heart!

  3. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    Thank you, Peggy and Clara. I’m glad you like it. I feel the same way. It was kind of fun to be outside this morning before there were any boats of wave-runners out. Gradually a fishing boat, then another fishing boat, a wave-runner, etc. would appear.

    Last night about five docks to the north were AMAZING fireworks. We were on the porch and all of a sudden the fireworks started. To me, they were about as good as the Arnolds Park fireworks. They lasted a really long time and were paced with periodic pauses, when we thought they were over, only to be excited to realize there was a whole new round splashing across the dark sky.

    In the bay boats were honking horns (I think boats? Maybe cars?). And, it seemed like people all around the bay were cheering and whooping-it-up whenever there was a lull, and a TON when the fireworks were over. It was serene and exciting all at the same time. It seemed there was a sense of Browns Bay community.

  4. cghoover Says:

    Where is this dock in relation to ours?

  5. cghoover Says:

    Those fireworks must have been amazing! I’m glad you could see them through/over the trees. And soon you’ll be leaving for Arnold’s Park. That atmosphere is unique. We could hear fireworks all evening and into the night here, and they began again tonight about 6:00. In fact, I heard a few in the middle of the morning.

  6. Joan Says:

    Love this. And perfect for July 4.

  7. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    Clara, the dock is two doors to the south. I sent the link to a person who lives there (owns it). He said they just put in the flag pole.

    As it turns out, the finale of the Arnolds Park fireworks was spectacular. High in the air, colorful, and in rapid succession (correct word?). So from that standpoing, the AP fireworks were better than near the cottage on July 3. But, that was only the finale. Otherwise, throughout their entire show (except the finale) I thought the fireworks a few docks down were better than those at AP.

    Joan, thank you. : )

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