Friendly Fawn


(If you click on only one photo in this post, I suggest it be the second one. Of course, I hope you’ll click on all of them!)

This fawn was in our backyard yesterday. The lens I typically have attached to my camera for spontaneous shoots is my 24-105mm lens. How lucky I was yesterday, when Bill told me to hurry outside to see this fawn, that I already had my 135mm lens with 1.4x extender attached, ready to go.

I think I wish the wildflowers (in the first photo) in the background were a little more in focus. Or, maybe not. Either way, I love the combination of Bill’s wildflowers and this fawn.

In the second photo I like the close-up detail of the fawn’s “eyelashes.” Clicking on any of the images will magnify the detail. None of these images have been cropped.




In the first thumbnail (below) I think the fawn is trying to use its tongue to get rid of a fly.

The fawn is to the west of our house when it is running away and has its hind legs in the air (below). The neighbor across the road had just hollered a “Hi, Bill!” without knowing I was taking photos. The fawn was startled and ran into the cornfield (in the last thumbnail) which is to the southwest of our home. This is the same cornfield I posted about on May 18, 2011, and June 29, 2011.



* * * * * * * *

Photo Shutter and Aperture Information

IMG_4434 (wildflowers) and IMG_4537 (close-up): shutter speed 1/400; aperture f/9.0

IMG_4344 (fly-tongue): shutter speed 1/500; aperture f/10.0

IMG_4586 (trotting): shutter speed 1/400, aperture f/9.0

IMG_4640 (turning back to look): shutter speed 1/500, aperture f/7.1

IMG_4674 (tail and hind legs up) and IMG_4709 (cornfield): shutter speed 1/400, aperture f/7.1

* * * * * * * *

Next up (unless something seems more pressing): Mother’s 1949 watercolors and the 1948-49 Rolfe school yearbook.

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5 Responses to “Friendly Fawn”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Awe, sweet little fawn with his baby hair. Nice photos, Louise! Love the one with him looking over his shoulder at you, showing those white spots. Right place at the right time…until friendly neighborly greetings sent him scurrying into that “field of dreams.”
    Nancy in NW IA

  2. Peg Moore Says:


    And, yes! Exactly what Nancy said!

    Happy for you (and for us :-))!

  3. Glenn Markley Says:

    Looks like heaven to me. Glenn

  4. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    Nancy, Peg and Glenn: I’m glad you like the photos of the fawn. You know, Nancy, I like the one of the fawn looking over its shoulder, too. It’s giving me some attention!

  5. mona Says:

    What a little cutie Love all the details and lighting..

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