A Closer Look at Red Flower



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It won’t be long before I change the red and green banner at the top of this blog. Before I do, I hope you’ll take a close look at the red rectangle and green rectangle in the banner. They are from portions of Mother’s (Marion Gunderson) Red Flower watercolor, painted in 1969.

Red Flower has been a great seller, with the profits going to the Rolfe (Iowa) Public Library for the online newspaper project. This watercolor is so vibrant and “feels” so alive.

Red Flower is listed online as a print on foam board (or loose in a tube) in three sizes. Also, when purchased directly through me* (with the funds still going to the library) the smallest size is available double-matted in two choices of mat combinations. Either a deep red outer mat and a whitish-cream-colored inner mat. Or, with both mats being the whitish-cream-color. When the small size is matted as such, it will fit in a standard size 11″ x 14″ frame.** The double-matted prints are $29, not including shipping costs.


These watercolors were painted by Mother and are now in Bill's and my home. Mother signed the middle watercolor while she was in the nursing home, less than a year before she passed away in 2004. The watercolor had most likely been painted decades prior. (Click photo to enlarge.)

Several people have wanted a print of something painted by Mother, but don’t have wall space to add something large, and/or don’t want to have to take the time to go somewhere to pick out mats and a custom frame. Or, don’t want to have to wait for a custom frame. The pre-matted prints are a win-win-win for all of those reasons.

*Red Flower matted prints are sometimes, but not always, available at the Rolfe (Iowa) Public Library and Wild Faces Gallery in Rolfe. If you prefer to purchase in Rolfe (as to opposed to at the online “store” or through me) anything of the prints offered, and if you let me know your desire, I’ll communicate to make sure what you want is in Rolfe for you. mariongundersonart@gmail.com

**To clarify, the double-matted prints fit in an 11″ x 14″ frame if the frame is cut for those dimensions. I’ve run across one frame that was advertised with those dimensions. However, it was actually a 10 7/8″ (not 11″) frame by 14″ … so the matted print would not fit. Otherwise, the standard size frames have fit just fine.

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2 Responses to “A Closer Look at Red Flower”

  1. Clara Hoover Says:

    I have several small/medium prints, but no place to display them at home. They’re perfect on the wall above my computer in my office cubicle. I change the print every couple of months depending on the season and my mood. Another nice thing is that since the prints are shrink-wrapped on foam core, they’re very light and stay in place with just a few T-pins. I enjoy telling people about Mother’s art (and the library projects) when they comment on the prints.

  2. Peg Moore Says:

    What a great idea, Clara! And, Louise, I’m not sure it ever occurred to me about the banner incorporating close-ups of a painting. Creative!

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