What is this mystery steel item?


(Click on photo to enlarge.)


Anyone have an idea what this item (pictured) is? And, if so, any elaboration of how it works and/or how you were involved with something similar at some point in your life?

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7 Responses to “What is this mystery steel item?”

  1. Patti Collett Says:

    Dear Louise, This looks like a piece of a drag. It was fastened onto the framework behind a rotary hoe or springtooth in the spring to level off the ground for planting. We used it both ways occassionally. It could also be used as a separate tool for breaking up the ground after the corn was planted & coming up, if we’d had a hard rain & the ground was crusted over.

  2. Chris Simonson Says:

    My opinion is it is a manure spreader beater bar (say 4 of them on each horizontally spinning beater) which is used to break up material on its way to the faster spinning spreader/fan. The spreader may have one or two of these beaters.

  3. Peg Moore Says:

    No clue. Bill didn’t have any idea? Or is this post a teaser? 🙂

  4. Glenn Markley Says:

    Louise: Chris has the correct answer, he read it before I did or he gets an advance copy. Glenn Markley

  5. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    Patti, Chris, Peggy and Glenn … and also two others who communicated directly with me, thank you for your comments. It is always fun for me to read people’s responses. REALLY FUN for me … and for other readers, too.

    Yes, Peggy, it is a tease. As in, I did already know what it is, but I was so clueless before Bill told me that I wondered who else might know what it (in the photo) is. I figured that any farmer who had been around for awhile would know. But, guess what?! My hairdresser who is a “city girl” even knew!

    In my next post I’ll tell what it really is and include a link to a video that shows how this item (in the photo) works. And, then most likely in a subsequent post I’ll let you know why I even posted about it. The “why” is really pretty ridiculous. You’ll probably shake your heads with disbelief!

    I’ll give a hint (big hint!), though. Out of the six people who told me what they think/know it is, three of the people are correct, and a fourth person is a tad correct.

  6. Clara Hoover Says:

    I like all of the suggestions. Actually, it’s just fun knowing people are reading Louise’s blog, finding all kinds of interesting things, and responding.

    I have no idea what this is, but I like Patti’s, Chris’s and Glenn’s suggestions. My only idea is that this might be a comb for Paul Bunyan’s hair.

  7. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    Hilarious, Clara! How did you KNOW of the Paul Bunyan connection?!!!

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