Winter Inside and Out


Looking south-southeast. (Click on photo to enlarge.)


This morning when I looked out the window I felt like I was in a Currier & Ives* setting. Sparkles-cold-white outside. Christmas tree-warm-colorful inside. Perfect for some sort of Irish Mocha Mint commercial.

Each of the photos in this post includes contrails*, with a more recent one (i.e., more of a straight line) in the second photo. Before seeing these contrails, I had just watched the news reports about airport closings and canceled or delayed flights out East, with approximately 450 people spending the night at LaGuardia. Yikes.

As I watched the jets/contrails today, I couldn’t help but wonder how many of the people in those jets were counting their lucky stars that they weren’t stranded in an airport.


(Click on photo to enlarge.)


I didn’t know until today that “contrail” was short for “condensation trail.” How did I miss that? (If you didn’t know it either, come on and raise your hand!)

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One Response to “Winter Inside and Out”

  1. Clara Hoover Says:

    Pretty enough to be a Christmas card.

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