Prints and Note Cards Available (so far) of Mother’s (Marion Gunderson) Watercolors


Note Cards: The background for this note card image is taken from the lower left corner of Grain Elevator II (Pocahontas, Iowa). The heart is taken from Rag Dolls. This post includes a link for these note cards and for each of the 27 watercolors of which we've had prints made. (Click on photo to enlarge image.)


To date four of my family members have played a part in having giclee prints made of 27 of Mother’s (Marion Abbott Gunderson 1919-2004) 150+ watercolors. Hopefully tomorrow on December 12, in time for holiday gift giving, there will be a Fort Dodge Messenger column about the prints. As a result of the prints, so far $3,300 has been given to the Rolfe Public Library. The funds will go toward library-related projects, the current one being the digitizing of 101 years of Rolfe newspapers so that they will be available on the Internet.

Update December 12, 2010: To read today’s Messenger column, click here. (The blizzard is delaying deliveries of the Messenger. Any word-of-mouth that you can help with by sharing the link to the column* and/or this blog post will be appreciated.)



For contact information and information about where these prints may be seen/purchased “in person” click here.

For online ordering information click here.

For background information about some of the original watercolors click here.

For a tribute to Mother click here. For a 1951 Des Moines Tribune article about Mother click here. For blog posts referring to the Barr Art Association click here.

If you don’t want to go to any of those links and just want to contact me directly, that is 100% fine! Louise Gunderson Shimon: 515-465-2746; 14106 Green Dr., Perry, Iowa 50220; (I’ll be gone part of the week. If you call and get no answer, please leave a message and Bill will get it to me.)

If you have information about any of Mother’s watercolors that you think we might not know about, if you’d let me know, my family would appreciate it so much.



"Railway Station and Grain Elevator" at Gilmore City, Iowa, painted in 1951. 13.25" W x 17.25" H limited edition prints are available, $35. For those who wish to display the watercolors of the Rolfe, Gilmore City, and Pocahontas grain elevators in a grouping, we have chosen this standard size for all three. The Rolfe Depot prints are very close in size of the grain elevator prints. Also, if matted, a standard sized frame may be used instead of a custom frame.



Here is a timeline of when Mother painted the 27 watercolors of which we’ve had prints made so far. Note cards are also available.

1949: Bowling, Sandbox, Ear of Iowa Corn, Grain Elevator I (Pocahontas, Iowa), Grain Elevator II (Pocahontas, Iowa)

1950: Brush and Shaving Mug (pair of watercolors, one dated, one not dated)

1951: Depot (Rolfe, Iowa), Railway Station and Grain Elevator (Gilmore City, Iowa), ISU Heating Plant (Ames, Iowa)

1952: Santa

1953: Coat Tree

1954: Angel in Wine and Blue, Churchyard

1957: Farmstead

1963: El Toro (The Bull)

1966: Eyelashes Under Hat, Yellow Chrysanthemums

1967: Tomatoes

1968: Bright Tulips

1969: Red Flower

1971: Pumpkins

1975: The Farm

1976: Tulips

1993: Rag Dolls

Dates unknown: Grain Elevator (Rolfe, Iowa), Bunny, Picnic Basket

* * * * * * * *

* Messenger column link:–Christmas-gifts–It-s-a-festive-season.html

(Click here to go to Louise Gunderson Shimon’s blog’s home page.)


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  1. Clara Hoover Says:

    The notecards are so vivid online. I gave a box to a friend tonight, but she did not open it before I left. It was the perfect “little” gift for this person.

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