Round Television Picture Tubes in the 1950s


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In case you didn’t already notice, Jerry Farlow (Rolfe High School, 1955) commented on my most recent post. His comments are about watching television in 1950 with Gary Kaiser at the J.E. Rickard & Sons store in Rolfe, Iowa.

I called Gary Kaiser to ask him about that experience. I’ll include Gary’s comments in the next post. One thing about which Gary commented, which was news to me, was that the picture tubes of that era were round.

The Honeymooners television program shown in the YouTube video below did not air until later in the 1950s. However, according to this YouTube video’s information, the round-picture television sets shown in this video are from 1950.

At this link there is a photo of one of those 1950 “Porthole” televisions with a round picture.

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2 Responses to “Round Television Picture Tubes in the 1950s”

  1. Clara Hoover Says:

    Our first television at Gunderland was round, similar to the one pictured on the right above. It was in front of the chimney, between the two windows on the west wall of the living room. We could get only one channel–WOI in Ames. We watched Magic Window with Betty Lou McVey. Perhaps we watched Howdy Doody, too. When we moved to the new house in spring 1956, we no longer had the round-screen television. I don’t know how long we had it.

  2. Steven J. Graeber Says:

    I believe one of the first TV’s in town was at the Wickers (man but this is tough remembering these things!). It was a round tube and my family would go over there and watch Ed Sullivan and What’s My Line. Our first TV was in a blond cabinet and it was a Sylvania(?). I used to get up very early in the morning to watch atom bomb tests. If the test got cancelled all I saw for an hour was the test pattern.

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