“Television is Here” in 1950


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The Arrow (Rolfe, Iowa, newspaper), February 23, 1950. (Click photo to enlarge.)

This ad was published five years before I was born. I can only imagine the excitement generated from the (at that time) newfangled invention of television. If you remember anything about aspects of early televisions, television broadcasts (was the quality very good? dependable?), and/or the J.E. Rickard & Sons store, it would certainly be educational and/or fun to read your comments.

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If you do want to share your memories but don’t want to comment below, feel free to email me at mariongundersonart@gmail.com .

I’ve been away from home for several days for a family wedding. When I return, I’ll get the ball rolling and in about a week I’ll fill you in about the next project endorsed by the Rolfe Public Library board.

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2 Responses to ““Television is Here” in 1950”

  1. Jerry Farlow Says:

    I remember the first time that Rickard’s Hardware got in their first television sets. It was probably 1950 as the ad in the Rolfe Arrow suggests. I was in the 7th grade and I remember there were a bunch of us kids in Rickard’s store watching a tv set the store had on display. I don’t know what station they were trying to get but the image was 100% snow with just a mumbling of sound. Finally we could make out some faint images of people on the set and someone (I think it was Gary Kaiser if I recall) says something like “Wow it’s clear now!” I don’t think there were many families in Rolfe that had tv sets in the early 50s, at least I know our family didn’t.

  2. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    Jerry, how fun and enlightening to read your comments on the blog post!

    As a result of your comments, I contacted Gary Kaiser to ask him about the experience you mentioned. I’ll post his comments, most likely tomorrow (Saturday) or Sunday. (By Monday for sure.)

    I’m so glad you took a look at the blog. I know you are an accomplished writer…and that I have many times when my tenses don’t match or my writing has other aspects that need to be shaped up. I wish that fact didn’t exist, but, nevertheless, am having a ball with the blog. A lot of that is a result of learning from people like you.

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