“Church Yard” Watercolor — Deliciously Creepy!


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September 22, 2010 update: Instead of including a space in the name of this painting Church Yard (two words), with help from the dictionary, it is now referred to as Churchyard (one word).

"Church Yard" displayed with Mr. Black's Secret by Cathrine Barr. (Click photo to enlarge.)

"Church Yard" displayed with Mr. Black's Secret by Cathrine Barr. (~20" W x ~14" H) Click photo to enlarge.

Last summer I spoke to a group about Mother’s (Marion Gunderson) watercolors. From Mother’s portfolio, I pulled out several that I ooohed and ahhhhed over. Then I pulled out this one of the cemetery. (Actually on the back of it Mother wrote, “Church Yard.” There is no indication of the exact location.)  I told the group that I love how Mother created an eerie feeling with her technique, colors and subject matter. Then I said, “But, WHO would EVER want to display this painting in his or her home?!”

"Church Yard" as it was cropped and matted by Mother (Marion Gunderson). (Click photo to enlarge.)

"Church Yard" (1954) as it was cropped and matted by Mother (Marion Gunderson). Click photo to enlarge.

That’s still how I felt until about two weeks ago when I was decorating for Halloween. Hmmm…the wheels in my brain were rolling.  What could I use to decorate that doesn’t look cheesy, has colors that I love, looks good in my home, and creates a deliciously creepy yet fun ambience?

My brain clicked and sent me directly to Mother’s portfolio.  The next morning I went to Wild Faces Gallery in Rolfe where Mona just happened to have this standard-sized 18″ x 24″ black frame and also the not-typical-orange mat (in the top photo) in stock.  That same morning, Mona had the matted and framed Church Yard ready to go.

My next stop was about a twentieth-of-a-block from the gallery at Ropa’s Cafe in Rolfe.  I was so excited about Church Yard that I took it inside Ropa’s to show to family.  To my surprise and excitement, a non-family member in the cafe took a look at it and immediately said, “I WANT a print of THAT PAINTING.”  Whoop-dee-doo!  Since it is an initial investment to have prints made (due to being labor-intensive and requiring specialized skill, equipment and materials) hopefully I’ll get another pre-order or two to tip the scale to actually have prints made of Church Yard.

I cannot think of a more deliciously creepy piece of art.  I love it, I love it, I love it.  I’ll display it until the day after Thanksgiving when I’ll transition to Christmas decorating, including Mother’s Santa watercolor original.

By the way, Cathrine Barr dedicated Mr. Black’s Secret (the children’s book in the top photo) to Mother.  How perfect that the cloth cover is almost the same orange as the mat.  (Do you notice the little mouse bookmark sticking out the top of Mr. Black’s Secret?!)

* * * * *

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2 Responses to ““Church Yard” Watercolor — Deliciously Creepy!”

  1. Clara Says:

    What a fun arrangement! Although you’d already shown me the framed painting, it’s fun to see it in your blog. And I like what you’ve written. The arrangement is fun.

  2. Peg Says:

    How *exciting* to have that “brain click” and then such instant and gratifying results! THANK YOU, Mona! I was like you before: “But, WHO would EVER want to display this painting in his or her home?!” Now you’re whetting my appetite to maybe get one! I *love* the idea of it being a really fun and striking seasonal piece. “Cemetery,” “Church Yard,” “Deliciously Creepy,” Edgar (Allen Poe) would be deliciously delighted!

    Fun to see the other little goodies in your decor, too. How ingenious to incorporate Mr. Black’s Secret. And I had *not* noticed the little mouse. I’m glad you pointed it out.

    And what a boon to have one of the Ropa’s patrons join in the festivity! That’s just awesome–icing on an already DELICOUS cake! 🙂

    Second-to-favorite phrase: “twentieth-of-a-block.” So true! I love that I’ve experienced the uniqueness of that same “twentieth.”

    Favorite sentence: “I love it, love it, love it.”

    FAVORITE phrase: “DELICIOUSLY CREEPY!” Bhuhahahaha!!!

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