Sunset Across Browns Bay


Shutter: 1/1,250; Aperture: f/8; ISO: 4,000; Focal Length: 80mm. Click on the image once to enlarge … twice to enlarge even more.



This view is across the northern part of Browns Bay, part of Iowa’s West Lake Okoboji. A map of the bay in relation to the entire lake is here. The wind turbines are actually on the west side of Emersons Bay, also shown on the map.

Yessssssss, this photo is edited, but just a little. The original and another version are below.

For anyone who cares about camera settings, I don’t know what possessed me to use an ISO of 4,000 combined with such a fast shutter speed for this photo. If I had it to do again, I’d use a much lower ISO and much slower shutter speed (and maybe a smaller aperture), and hope that I like the results just as much. I don’t know, though … I sort of like that the clouds and water are a bit fuzzy or grainy, contrasted with the sharper silhouettes of the wind turbines.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to enlarge them and see them in slide show view. To enlarge them more, click on “View full size” at the lower right of the slide show screen.


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One Response to “Sunset Across Browns Bay”

  1. cghoover Says:

    I love the photo…the different shades of orange and how they’re reflected in the clouds (darker) and in the water (barely perceptible against the dark blue).

    I recall when we first noticed these wind turbines across the lake. They looked fairly close to the other side of the lake; however, the closest ones are at least three to five miles west of the west lake shore. There seem to be more every year and have expanded as far west as the paved north-south county road nine miles west of Milford and as far south as the paved east-west county road coming into Milford from the west.

    One evening not long after the first of these wind turbines were in place Hal, Daddy and I drove to see them “up close.” We had to drive several miles on gravel road. The chain “gate” for one of them was not closed. We drove in and parked directly under the wind turbine. Looking up towards the top felt quite eerie. Those doors at the bottom that seem so small from a distance are actually taller than I was.

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