1941: Rolfe, Iowa, School Yearbook


To look on this blog for Rolfe, Iowa, school yearbooks by decade, you may go to this blog’s home page. Once there, in the column at the right, click on one of the yearbook decade links (e.g., “1940s”). With time, I’ll get more yearbooks posted.

I started this blog primarily to promote prints of my mom’s (Marion Gunderson) watercolors. Because the Rolfe Public Library benefits from the sales of prints, I’m  not bashful about combining her art with the yearbooks. Typically I’ve posted Rolfe school yearbooks along with watercolors painted by Mother in the corresponding year. However, I’m not aware of any specific watercolors painted by her in 1941. That was the year she graduated with an Applied Art major from Iowa State College (now Iowa State University). It’s also the year she married my dad.

Interestingly, by looking at the upper right corner of this 1941 yearbook’s title page, I assume this yearbook (below) belonged to Don Sinek.

The thumbnail images below are all the pages from the Rolfe Community School District (or whatever it was called then) 1940-41 yearbook. Some pages are a little discolored.

If anyone has a Rolfe-related photo to be included in this post, I’d love for you to send it my way. It could be of any person or any location having to do with Rolfe and associated with this 1940-41 year. Photos from other years are very welcome, too. My email address is mariongundersonart@gmail.com .

Making the Thumbnail Images Larger

To see the thumbnail images in enlarged and slideshow view, click on one of the images. Then navigate forward or backward through the images.




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For my own reference: Desaturate the following. 2,3,4,9,10. Plus these just barely: 12,13,18,1,20 and 23, 25.

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