Costa Rica: Crocodiles at the Tarcoles River


In February Peggy’s (my next-older sister) and Jeff’s older son was married in Costa Rica. Bill and I made a mini-vacation out of the trip. We were delighted with how fun and beautiful the wedding was, and with how much fun we had with family and with Manuel Cabalceta as our tour guide. Bill and I were with Manuel for three days. Peggy and Jeff spent even more days with Manuel. (Oh, yeah … and Peggy went zip-lining, which I was way too chicken to do!)

The combination of the wedding, and Manuel tailoring each day just for us, made for a very memorable and relaxing trip. We were on the move in a way I would typically not call relaxing. My style of relaxing is basically not having to exert large amounts of physical energy or brainpower! But with Manuel being sensitive to our needs and wants, each hiking, etc., day with Manuel and family put a lift in my step and in my heart.

A year ago when Bill and I traveled to St. Kitts, I published one post per each facet of the trip. I.e., one post for animal wildlife, one post for plant life, one post for lobster, etc. I’m not that organized after Costa Rica. However, I like to keep a sort of record for my own future reference. (It seems if I don’t, a year or two later when someone wants travel recommendations, the details have already faded.) So, over time I’ll add the category of “Travel – Costa Rica” to any of my posts related to Costa Rica.

Our trip was six nights/seven days. Here goes!



Click once on this image to enlarge it … twice to enlarge even further.



These photos, especially of the landscape, lack detail. They do show the crocodiles at one location and from one vantage point. These were taken on our shuttle about halfway between the San Jose airport and our destination, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. The river shown in the photos is the Tarcoles River. Another link for the Tarcoles River is here.

The bridge from where these photos were shot is next to a little stop that is a tourist trap if I ever saw one! But … (and it’s a big one!) there is a public restroom there for customers! In many areas of Costa Rica, public restrooms are nonexistent. And, even if there is one, in remote locations toilet paper is even more nonexistent! (I almost didn’t include that last detail, but authors of travel books are compelled to include it, so it’s here, too!)

Immediately below is a YouTube video of the same location (except actually in the river) as the photos above and also further below. The text comments on the video site include some profanity. Watching the video gives perspective as to the size and movements of the crocodiles.



Here is a link about a man who just this month (March 2013) was photographing crocodiles in the Tarcoles River. He was so intent on his photographing that he was nearly attacked by a crocodile. The link also includes a video of the near-attack. (The video includes some profanity.)

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To enlarge the photos below, and to view them as a slideshow, simply click on one of the thumbnails.


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3 Responses to “Costa Rica: Crocodiles at the Tarcoles River”

  1. Marti Says:

    Thanks for sharing. On both the ride to and from the airport to the hotel, my driver offered to stop at the tourist location to look at the crocs. Wish I had stopped. At least we get to see alligators all the time here in Florida. As a matter of fact, there is a pond right by our offices around which employees frequently take walks and see them up close as they sun on the bank.

  2. Jeff Moore Says:

    Louise, the link at “read more of this post” doesn’t seem to be quite accurate.

    On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 11:53 PM, Marion Gunderson Art (and the Farmer’s

  3. Jeff Moore Says:

    Nice crocodile photos! Too bad you didn’t go down to the river like that guy in the video!

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