Rolfe, Iowa: 1988 Quasquicentennial Parade — Part I



This summer the sesquicentennial — 150th “birthday” — of Rolfe, Iowa, will be celebrated*.

From 50 Years Ago

In a previous post, I included a video of the parade and socializing from Rolfe’s centennial taking place in 1963.

From 25 Years Ago

The video below is the first of seven clips from Rolfe’s 1988 125-year celebration … its quasquicentennial. Each of the seven clips is about ten minutes in length. The original footage isn’t crisp; this online version isn’t either. Still, I think it is priceless.

Greg Lund, KCAU news anchor, was the announcer for the 1988 parade. DeAnn Cooper Sindergard assisted Greg with parade line-up details.

The 1988 video was initially in my parents’ (Deane and Marion Gunderson) collection. On the label is written (in handwriting not like that of any family member), “Parade — Rolfe, June 25, 1988, Sesquicentennial.” Obviously it is of the “quasquicentennial” parade and not “sesquicentennial.”

Over the next few days I’ll post the additional six clips of the 1988 parade.

Update 1-21-13: The second segment is posted here. The third and fourth segments are posted here. The fifth segment is posted here. Also, if any video seems jerky, start it and let it play through (with its jerkiness) while you do something else. Then click to run through the video again. Doing so usually works for me.

Update 1-23-13: Today the last two segments were posted here.



* * * * * * * *

*Rolfe’s sesquicentennial will take place July 12-14, 2013. The Rolfe alumni reunion will be held on Saturday, July 13, 2013. Information about the alumni reunion will be mailed by the end of January 2013 (or, if delayed, by early February). The alumni reunion committee will also have a web site offering many details about the three-day weekend.

(Click here to go to Louise Gunderson Shimon’s blog’s home page.)


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