Corn Harvest (Pocahontas County, Iowa, 9-14-12)


The following video is of corn harvest in Section 13, Roosevelt Township, Pocahontas County, Iowa. This field is about three miles southwest of Rolfe, Iowa. The video starts with a view to the west. At two or three points in the video my hometown of Rolfe is seen on the horizon to the northeast. To the east is the farmstead where I lived all my life until heading off to college at Iowa State.

The footage isn’t great, but for my family (and anyone else who wants) to watch, it’ll do the job to help us visualize this year’s harvest.




In a previous post I wrote about how fortunate Pocahontas County is to have, so far, mostly avoided this year’s severe drought or other yield-reducing effects from the weather. Of course, there won’t be a collective sigh of relief from farmers until all the crop is harvested. But, as of now, the  yields in several counties in northwest Iowa are looking much higher than in many other parts of the state and Midwest.

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One Response to “Corn Harvest (Pocahontas County, Iowa, 9-14-12)”

  1. Marti Gunderson Carlson Says:

    I am always so grateful for our heritage – love this video; thanks for sharing.

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