1968 G.O.P. Convention: The Iowa Delegation


My dad, Deane Gunderson, was an alternate delegate to the 1968 Republican National Convention held in Miami Beach, Florida.

Prior to the national convention held in August of 1968, Iowa’s state convention was held in Des Moines in April of that same year. At that state convention, my dad gave a speech in his quest to be selected as a delegate to the national convention. Instead of being selected to be a delegate, he was an alternate delegate. He is included in the delegation photo shown below. National Committeewoman Mary Louise Smith is also included in the photo.

My mom’s, Marion Gunderson, handwriting is across the top of the newspaper clipping. Her writing indicates my dad was “strongly for Rockefeller” and that the clipping is from an August 1968 issue of the Des Moines Tribune.

Later this week I’ll post my dad’s 1968 speech.

In case you missed the earlier posting of my dad briefly telling of his involvement in politics, that audio clip is here: D.C.G. Republican Experiences


My dad, Deane Gunderson, is included in this group of Iowa delegates, including alternates, to the 1968 G.O.P. convention.  He is seated in the fourth row to the (photograph viewer’s) right of the lady wearing glasses. (Click on image to enlarge. Click twice to magnify further.)


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2 Responses to “1968 G.O.P. Convention: The Iowa Delegation”

  1. cghoover Says:

    What fun to see this photo! I’d never seen it before. Did you know that in 1995 Iowa State University honored Mary Louise Smith by establishing the Mary Louise Smith Chair in Women and Politics?

    I stayed with Mother, you and Peggy and your friends at a small cottage behind the Okoboji Boys Town camp while Daddy was at the Republican convention. That’s when the infamous skinny dipping/clothes snatching incident occurred.

  2. Marti Gunderson Carlson Says:

    Thanks for posting the clipping. Looking forward to seeing the speech. Of course anyone who reads Clara’s post is going to want you to reveal more about that infamous skinny dipping/clothes snatching incident!

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