School Signage



Yesterday I walked past this school sign. Is the same question popping into your mind as popped into mine?

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5 Responses to “School Signage”

  1. Jeff Moore Says:


  2. Clara Hoover Says:

    Dropping off the parents?

    This lane for parents, not school buses, dropping of kids.

    We’re thinking way too hard. Those who need to know will understand.

  3. Marti Gunderson Carlson Says:

    Maybe the parents do in fact need to be dropped off!

  4. Peg Says:

    It’s a new government-funded program where parents can be dropped off and supervised and fed. Where do I sign myself up?!? šŸ˜‰

  5. Sue Reigelsberger Says:

    Oh my gosh Peg………..isn’t that called WELFARE?

    I think Jeff Foxworthy would say “Here’s your sign”

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