Simile or Metaphor?


This evening 5-year-old grandson Jackson said to me, “Your brain is like a hard drive.” After a few seconds of his serious thinking he said, “It IS a hard drive!!!”

Earlier he asked, “Nanna, why do you look old?” No simile or metaphor with the “old” question, but it warrants inclusion in this post!

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6 Responses to “Simile or Metaphor?”

  1. jeff moore Says:

    Maybe it’s a smilie!

  2. Peg Says:

    Good one, Jeff! 🙂

    And PERFECT, Louise! ❤

    (Well, of course, not about looking old! But it was a fun Jacksonism and a fun inclusion. :-))

  3. Margaret McKim Says:

    Thought of you this morning at Curves – working out to
    “Celebration” – remembering that from Fitness Fantasia.
    Little people are so much fun – nice you get to see him often.

  4. Clara Hoover Says:

    “Like” = simile. “Is” = metaphor.

    At least he didn’t use the terms “dumb terminal” or “floppy disk.” Of course, he’s too young to know about these.

  5. Clara Hoover Says:

    Actually, the brain IS the hard drive for our body. The brain controls our body, tells it what to do and stores information. So Jackson is pretty smart. I wonder if he learned this at school or maybe from something he saw on television.

  6. Marti Gunderson Carlson Says:

    I read the post several times and just couldn’t “get it” until I realized it said “simile” and not “smile” – well it certainly did make me smile! Jackson is so smart, like an Iowa State engineer. Must run in the genes.

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