Art On the Prairie + Marion Gunderson’s Watercolors = More $ for the Rolfe Public Library


Last weekend I was a vendor at Art On the Prairie in Perry. While “vendor” sounds so impersonal, the (in my opinion) luscious aspect of the weekend was attendees viewed nine framed watercolors of Mother’s. (Actually two were prints.) And, I sold prints of Mother’s watercolors…over $600-worth to help out the Rolfe Public Library (Trust) where Mother worked for 35 years. That means, to date, more than $4,000 has been raised for the Rolfe Public Library Trust as a result of Mother’s watercolors.

As my Great-Aunt Ruth always used to say, “Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!”

Thank you to those who are supportive of this venture. If you are interested in seeing what prints are available, you may see them (and order) at this site. As of right now, there aren’t any prints at the Rolfe Public Library or Wild Faces Gallery in Rolfe because I have all of them. I’ll get prints there within the next week or two. The library and gallery usually have one size of each image. I typically have the largest inventory, trying to have on hand one of every size of every image (watercolor).

To avoid ordering online, I can be reached via email.

In preparation for Art On the Prairie, I neglected a bunch of to-do list items and will be playing catch-up. I’ll soon get back to posting somewhat routinely.

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2 Responses to “Art On the Prairie + Marion Gunderson’s Watercolors = More $ for the Rolfe Public Library”

  1. Peg Moore Says:

    WOW. $600+! And $4,000+! And going to such a great cause . . . and one that would please Mother very, very much. Your initiative is amazing, Louise. THANK YOU!!!

  2. Marti Says:

    Ditto everything Peg said!!!

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