“12 Horse Sweep” or “12 Horse Power” Threshing


I’ve got a variety of things — with a variety of content related to threshing — that I want to post. The items are interrelated, but also random. So, I’ll post a chunk at a time.

In the previous post, I included video of horse power involving two horses. That horse power was used to elevate grain into a wagon. This was not as taxing a process as threshing. So…two horses (as opposed to many horses) handled it just fine.

In the following YouTube video, oats were threshed with what is called (in the YouTube video) a “12 horse sweep.” This horse power/sweep is similar in concept to the horse power involving two horses, but, in my opinion, much more complex. And…powering a much more taxing process, therefore requiring more than just two horses.

Watching the YouTube video will help explain part of my next post, which will be about threshing in general, but will touch on horse power. There won’t be a test, but to better understand the next post, I hope you’ll watch this video.


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