Photos: 40-Years-Later Celebration of Rolfe’s Road to the 1971 Girls’ State Basketball Tournament (Part II)


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Rolfe, Iowa's, 1970-71 Rammette state tournament basketball team. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

On April 16, 2011, in Rolfe, Iowa, our 1971 girls’ basketball state tournament team (including managers, cheerleaders, and coach) and faculty were invited to get together in the early afternoon. Following that meeting, five of the eight attending 1971 teammates got together with other 6-on-6 enthusiasts for a scrimmage.

How did this scrimmage come about? Last fall when I talked with Al Sroufe (RHS ’75) about our celebration, he suggested our having a scrimmage. After all, it had been almost twenty years since the last sanctioned 6-on-6 game in the state of Iowa. Many young women today “know” only 5-on-5. Why not educate regarding 6-on-6?

At the time of talking with Al, I thought a scrimmage might be kind of fun…if I was a spectator! I inquired as to our group’s sentiment and reported back to Rolfe saying that we shouldn’t be counted on for a scrimmage. (Although, from the get-go, Karen and Julie were game for a scrimmage.)

Those in Rolfe really, really wanted to see us scrimmage. If I put myself in their shoes, I would have felt the same. Still, except for Karen and Julie, I think the others of us either thought we’d make a spectacle of ourselves, or, of even greater concern, wanted to avoid injury.

That was until April 9th (one week before the basketball celebration) when my middle-sister Marti (RHS ’66) and I were at the Rolfe gym (now called the RAM Event Center). She and I started shooting baskets. Oh my. What pathetic arm strength I had, barely able to shoot a free throw. (I don’t mean barely able to make one. I mean barely able to get the ball to the hoop.) But, Marti and I endured, sharing nostalgia while shooting. In the period of just a few minutes, we bettered our shooting skills.

I also realized I could dribble twice (the limit in 6-on-6) without looking at the ball and without losing the ball. Victory! I felt so accomplished. I decided right then and there that on my bucket list was, on April 16th, to just once more dribble up the floor and pass the ball to one of my waiting-at-the-half-line forward teammates. I got home, emailed my teammates, and…voilà! A scrimmage was born!

Since, based upon my earlier reports, those in Rolfe were thinking the 1971 team wouldn’t be scrimmaging, they lined up enough local women to provide two teams. The five of us from the team of ’71 had a blast scrimmaging with the local women. I got to fulfill my bucket list dream of bringing the ball up the floor to one of my 1971 teammates. Other than that I pretty much flailed around the court not doing much except having my arms in the air. I excused myself early on; Laurie, Karen and Julie endured much longer than I did. They didn’t have as high a percentage of shots made as in the ’70s, but they brought everything else to the game. Also, Lynn (a fellow guard) played (no flailing on her part) for a long time.

Clicking on these photos will enlarge them. Sometimes clicking twice provides even more magnification.

Pictured is the April 16th "Red Team." If you watch the short video immediately below, you'll hear each one of us introduce ourselves. Karen, Laurie, Julie, Lynn and I played on the 1971 Rolfe girls' state tournament team. If you are wondering what Laurie, Lynn and I are up to in the video, we are working on getting a red shirt for Lynn. Carol Hudson Hallman (Pocahontas '72) played against us in high school. It was fun for all of us to have her come to Rolfe in April to play with us.


This next video clip shows the five of us from the ’71 team, as well as other local women on the “red team,” introducing ourselves before the scrimmage began. Al Sroufe is the official in the clip.


Here we are before the scrimmage. Officials Larry Pedersen (RHS '75), John Young (RHS '51) and Al Sroufe, as well as a few members of the local "white team" are pictured.


For any of us who had forgotten (or never knew them), John Young and/or Al is reviewing for us the basic 6-on-6 rules. John was an official while we were in high school. (Photo courtesy of Karen Vinson.)


Julie is shooting. Laurie is in red at the left. Karen is in red at the right. Also, in the photo in white are Kyle and Candace Brinkman's daughter, Sue Reigelsberger and Brenda Reis. (Photo courtesy of Chris Vrba.)


Wendy Bennett Panbecker (RHS '87) and Carole Dean Hohensee (Pocahontas '77) are going after a jump ball tossed by Larry Pedersen. (Photo courtesy of Chris Vrba.)


In red, L to R,, are Lynn Neugent Debel, Julie Brinkman Mintz, Laurie Brinkman Jensen, Carole Dean Hohensee, and Karen Brinkman Vinson. In white are (foreground) Lori Pedersen and (I think) Joanne Brinkman in the back court. (Photo courtesy of Chris Vrba.)


Pictured are Sue Feldman Reigelsberger (played for Terril), Wendy Bennett Panbecker and me. (Photo courtesy of Chris Vrba.)


L to R in the foreground are Lori Pedersen (now of Rolfe), Carol Hudson Hallman and official Al Sroufe. In the background on the platform are Bill Shimon (RHS '71), Dick Barrett (RHS faculty in 1971), Bob Allen (RHS '71), Jim Jordan (RHS '71) and Robert Wiegert (RHS '71). Leaning over is Dennis Duerling (faculty and assistant girls' BB coach in '71). On the floor, holding his child, is Dave Duitscher (RHS '89).


I have a few photos from the evening program to add. I’ve also got footage of the scrimmage but either will not be posting it, or will save it for a rainy day.

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One Response to “Photos: 40-Years-Later Celebration of Rolfe’s Road to the 1971 Girls’ State Basketball Tournament (Part II)”

  1. psukalski Says:

    Great narrative and great photos! It was fun to watch ‘live,’ too 🙂 Everyone did a great job. Kudos to all who put themselves on the floor that day!
    I was so amazed by referee John Young being there and participating. Very cool!

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