If I could go back…


Bill and our curious grandson Jackson during Jackson's trip to Iowa. (Click on photo to enlarge.)


Another make-me-a-kid-again time with Jackson has come to a close. With family times involving different combinations of family members and a combination of being in Iowa and Texas, I got to be with Jackson from May 6th until today.

On the way to the airport Jackson asked me why I paint my hair brown. (Sometime within the past few days the topic of painting hair was discussed.) I told him I “paint” it because I’m not ready to have gray hairs. He told me that little kids have brown hair so they don’t need to paint their hair. Then he informed me that in order for me to have brown hair without painting it, “Nanna, you need to go back in birthdays.”

Hmmm. That made me wonder. If I could “go back in birthdays” to any time in my life and stay there temporarily, what age would I choose? Glimpses of younger stages of my life flitted through my brain. While I don’t like wrinkles, nor the fact that my joints will never creak any less, I just couldn’t think of any stage I’d prefer over how my life is now. How thankful I am.

* * * * * * * *

I’ll soon get back to posting more frequently, including a sprinkling of Rolfe-related posts. I’ll also post more within the next month about Mother’s (Marion Gunderson) watercolors.

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5 Responses to “If I could go back…”

  1. Marti Carlson Says:

    Love your post. I feel the same.

  2. Clara Hoover Says:

    Kids do say such wonderful things! And what made Jackson think you paint your hair? I like that expression. Tonight when I was walking, a little boy (maybe 3 or 4) asked me why I was walking. After I responded he asked, “Don’t you have a car?” I said that yes, I had a car but I liked to walk because it felt so good. By that time I saw his father who was chuckling.

    Another girl (maybe 7), who’s lived on my walking route her entire life, eagerly told me that today she got eight silver teeth. She showed me. Sure enough…eight silver-capped teeth. Made me wonder what she eats.

    I know you loved your time with Jackson. What a neat expression…”go back in birthdays.”

  3. Louise Gunderson Shimon Says:

    Marti and Clara: I like your comments. I’m not sure what made Jackson think I paint my hair. Ohhhhh, now I remember. On Friday night Jackson and I stopped to see Charles at his office. Jackson asked Charles if he is older than I am. (Somehow it seemed apparent that the difference between Charles’ hair color and my hair color led Jackson to ask the question.) Charles said that, yes, he is older. Then I told Jackson that Charles doesn’t color his hair and I do.

    Yesterday during Jackson’s and my hair painting discussion, Jackson wanted to know if Grandpa Bill paints his hair brown.

    Oh my. eight silver teeth.

  4. Peg Moore Says:

    PRICELESS, *every* morsel! Including the photo–so expressive. ❤

    And amen to your last paragraph! ❤

    (Also loved: "Don't you have a car?" :-))

  5. Glenn Markley Says:

    Your story of your time with Jackson is precious. Enjoy the great times of today, yesterday is only a memory. Glenn

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