Girls’ 6-on-6 Basketball Videos: Rolfe vs Manson (Dec. 22, 1971) and Rolfe vs Laurens (Jan. 23, 1972)


1971-72 Rolfe girls' varsity basketball team. Front row L to R: Michele Pomerenke (Piprude), Jr.; Joyce Baade (Coburn), Sr.; Louise Gunderson (Shimon), Jr.; Carol Wiegert (Franken), Sr.; Karen Brinkman (Vinson), Sr.; Julie Brinkman (Mintz), So. Back row: Head Coach Al Van Houten; Jean Brinkman (Longnecker), Jr.; Lynn Robinson, Jr.; Linda Pedersen (Tutt), Jr.; Lynn Neugent (Debel), So.; Connie Henderson (Boyd), So.; Becky Smith (Mcmullin), So.; Jeanell Winkleblack (Piconi), So.; Assistant Coach Dennis Duerling. (Click on photo to enlarge.)


Below are video segments from two Rolfe girls’ basketball games during the 1971-72 season (the year after we went to Iowa’s state tournament). 1971-72 was my junior year. That year our team was minus Laurie Brinkman (Jensen) who graduated the previous spring. During her senior year Laurie led the Twin Lakes conference by averaging 39.6 points per game. She left big shoes that, beginning with the 1971-72 season, were filled by Julie Brinkman (Mintz) who was a freshman when Laurie was a senior.

I remember my dad (Deane Gunderson) would wear his long-sleeved dark red shirt to every one of our basketball games. He also filmed many of our games. The next business day, following each filmed game, he drove to Fort Dodge to deliver the film to the Don Peterson (sp) studio where the film was developed. He then ran the movie reel back to Rolfe so Mr. Van Houten could critique it for us during practice. For the critiquing he and the varsity were in the darkened art (I think?) room on the first floor of the older part of the building while the JV practiced in the gym. (The gym still stands; the art room does not.)

Toward the end of this post is the key* to players in the clip immediately below. The key** for the second clip is also included.



*First clip — Forward court: Julie Brinkman (Mintz) #21 [short blond hair]; Karen Brinkman (Vinson) [short medium-brown hair]; Carol Wiegert (Franken) [short dark hair]. Guard court: Joyce Baade (Coburn) [medium-length blond hair]; Louise Gunderson (Shimon) [long dark hair in pigtails]; Jeanell Winkleblack (Piconi) short medium-brown hair. Toward the end of the clip: Lynn Neugent (Debel) [below-shoulder-length dark hair in pigtails].

**Second clip — Forward court: Julie #20; Karen #44; Carol #34. Guard court: Joyce #32; Michele Pomerenke (Piprude) #12 [medium-length medium-brown hair partially pulled back], Lynn #24.

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  1. juliewoolee Says:

    I miss you girls!

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