1970-71 Rolfe vs Manson Girls’ Basketball District Finals (Radio Broadcast): 4th Quarter


Here is the radio broadcast to the fourth quarter of the 1971 Rolfe vs Manson girls’ basketball district final game at Fort Dodge: 1971 Rolfe Girls’ District Final Basketball Game 4th Quarter

I posted the first quarter and  second quarter and third quarter audio earlier this week. The game went into overtime. Unfortunately I do not have the audio from the overtime. But by winning 84 to 79 we earned the right to play in the Iowa Girls’ State Basketball Championship!

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One Response to “1970-71 Rolfe vs Manson Girls’ Basketball District Finals (Radio Broadcast): 4th Quarter”

  1. Clara Hoover Says:

    What fun to listen to the broadcast! Since we didn’t live near Rolfe, I think the only time I watched you (Louise) play basketball was at the state tournament. Wow! 45 points for Laurie. I’d forgotten how high scoring one player could be, especially since only three people were shooting and because guards didn’t shoot free throws.

    It was fun to hear the familiar names. And it was fun to hear the names of the Rolfe broadcast sponsors.

    Your reunion is about to start. I hope you all have a great time. I look forward to seeing pictures and reading/hearing reports of the day.

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