Rolfe, Iowa, Basketball: It All Started in Junior High (1967-68)


The 1965-66 and 1966-67 Rolfe junior high boys’ and girls’ basketball teams were playing while I was still in fifth grade and sixth grade, respectively.*

Pictured below are the Rolfe junior high teams from the following year: 1967-68 (my 7th grade year). The students on the 1967-68 junior high teams were sophomores and juniors when Rolfe’s high school girls’ basketball team went to State in 1971.

The pictures below were taken in the DMT (Des Moines Township) gym. (The DMT district and the Rolfe district merged in the summer of 1960.**)

Pictured is the 1967-68 Rolfe junior high boys' basketball team. Front row L to R: Mike Shoemaker, Larry Bennett, Bill Tutt, Brent Hilton, Donald Buck, Gary Allen, David Spencer, Larry Loss, Coach Lyle Foster. Second row: Manager Jon Jordan, David Peters, Mike Shimon, Doug Christensen, Kim Hovey, David Guderian, Gaius Ives, Bill Winkleblack, Ronnie Sandvig, Curt Pederson, manager Todd Kipfer. (Click on image to enlarge.)


Pictured is the 1967-68 Rolfe junior high girls' basketball team. Front row L to R: Coach Lyle Foster, Cheryl Trimble, Cynthia Lanning, Joyce Baade+, Linda Kallem, Karen Brinkman+, Connie Seward, Carol Wiegert+. Back row: Manager Barbara Spencer, Lynn Robinson+, Betty Buske, Jann Brinkman, Louise Gunderson+, Linda Pedersen+, Joan Behrendsen=, Michele Pomerenke+, Jean Brinkman+, manager Diane Sroufe. (Click on image to enlarge.)

* * * * * * * *

Before I post much about the actual year of 1970-71 (when the Rolfe girls’ high school team went to State), I’ve got another junior high-related post. I will also post a little about Rolfe’s 1969-70 high school team. I believe it was that year — 1969-70 — when the girls’ basketball hoopla really got going in Rolfe.

We’ll celebrate that hoopla in Rolfe on Saturday, April 16th.

*Pictures of the 1965-66 and 1966-67 teams were included in previous posts. Those posts are linked to in the first paragraph.

**At some point I’ll include more about DMT as an attendance center after the 1960 merger.

+Designates member of the 1971 Rolfe girls’ state tournament basketball team.

=Designates Rolfe girls’ JV team statistician when Rolfe went to State in 1971.

These photos are from the Rolfe 1967-1968 Rolfe Community School District’s Ram yearbook.

(Click here to go to Louise Gunderson Shimon’s blog’s home page.)


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