The Cattle Chute at Gunderland


Gunderland, about 1969 or 1970. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Almost always at this blog I include things that I hope will appeal to people outside of my family, as well as my family. However, sometimes I post something more with the narrowed intended audience being my own family…to keep our heritage fresh in our minds. I figure this is probably one of those posts.

In the last post I mentioned Charles’ (my brother) recollection that Daddy fed cattle one year in the 1950s. That made me wonder what photos my family might have related to those cattle.

Hmmm … Below are two photos of my five siblings and me on/in front of the cattle chute at Gunderland. On both photos my notation says “Christmas 1977.” In these photos, I was a shade over five months pregnant with Abby.

The cattle chute and we were on the west side of the barn (toward the north end) that stood at Gunderland. In the thumbnail photo (above left), the camara is “looking” south-southeast. The right-hand side of the barn is the west side of the barn.

December 1977. L to R: Helen, me (Louise), Clara, Marti, Charles and Peg. The wood pole in the background at the left is in the vicinity of the house. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

The photo above shows more of the roof and chute. The photo immediately below shows more of the west side of the barn. Later the roof of the barn was damaged. Neither the barn nor the chute stands any longer. Sometime I’ll post more about that.

December 1977. L to R: Helen, me (Louise), Clara, Charles, Marti and Peg. (Click on photo to enlarge.)


This photo of Gunderland was developed in 1965. The barn and cattle chute are toward the left side of the photo. The cattle shed is between the barn and corn crib; none of these three buildings is still standing. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

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2 Responses to “The Cattle Chute at Gunderland”

  1. Peg Moore Says:

    Mother must have loved these photos of all her children together!

    I have another memory re: cattle. I don’t know if you remember this, Louise, but I’m sure the other kids do. Out in the lot behind the long, low shed (which I hadn’t realized was for cattle) was a large tractor tire, stood up on “end,” and stabilized in place with fence posts. As I understand it, the tire was for cattle to walk underneath and scratch their backs on. I remember sitting on it and pretending it was a horse. 🙂 I don’t, however, remember the cattle themselves. Probably before my time and/or memory. Just a wee bit of trivia . . . but one I’m fond of. Heart!

  2. Peg Moore Says:

    I also remember the chute being one more place (of many dozens) to play on the farm. Great playing memories!

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