Honoring our Military


As I was lounging having my breakfast this morning thinking about the upcoming day of the open house, I remembered… I can do things such as this because of our veterans and current military who have and still do put their lives on the line (or work in offices, or whatever their military jobs) to preserve my/our freedoms. I cannot imagine for one second what life in the trenches of war must be like, and I cannot imagine what it is like for a veteran who has been permanently disabled as a result of service, or what it is like for families who lost a loved husband/wife/father/brother/etc. as a result of service. Or whose loved one is away from home for a year at a time. I take my freedoms for granted, but surely wouldn’t if one day I found that I no longer had those freedoms.

Last year when I was pumping gas on some random day, a man in military fatigues was at the adjacent gas pump. I thanked him for serving our country. (Yes, most or all of us serve our country in some way or another. But, my way is certainly a cushioned do-mostly-what-I-want-when-I-want way.) He so respectfully thanked me, and said that he had never had anyone say that to him before. If you express thanks to a veteran or current military personnel today or anytime throughout the year, I hope that you are not the first for that person. Whether you are the first or one of many, your expression of thanks will be priceless.

I’m speaking to the choir, right? But, in case I’m not, I’ll click on “publish.”


One Response to “Honoring our Military”

  1. Marti Gunderson Carlson Says:

    Louise, I cannot fathom what some of these soldiers experience. I know I have a glimpse from stories my husband had told me. Being in the military has greatly impacted his life.

    I’ve had the same experience, having thanked someone in uniform – and the response is one of great appreciation.

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